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Bangkok Busline Schedule & Timetable

Chiang Mai - Bangkok
Bus Express
10:00, 10:10, 18:35, 18:40, 20:00, 20:05
19:10, 19:15
Bus VIP 24
20:00, 20:05, 20:29
Bangkok - Chiang Mai
Bus Express
06:00, 06:20, 06:30, 18:50, 20:35
15:00, 16:00
Bus VIP 24
20:00, 20:30
Chiang Rai - Bangkok
17:00, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30
Bus Express
17:30, 18:30
Bangkok - Chiang Rai
17:30, 18:10, 20:30
Bus Express
Surat Thani Bus Terminal - Bangkok
Bangkok - Surat Thani Bus Terminal
Bangkok - Nan
20:00, 20:30
Nan - Bangkok
17:30, 19:30
Chiang Khong - Bangkok
Lampang - Bangkok
Bangkok - Lampang
18:50, 21:15

About Bangkok Busline

Company Information

Bangkok Busline is a sub-company of Sombat Tour which in its turn, is one of the most popular transportation companies in Thailand. It started its business in 1942 as Tek Chiang and in 1978 changed it for Thep Sombat Co., Ltd. simply as Sombat Tour. During the decades the company grew and strove to develop its services and by now serves about 30 bus routes to the oddest corners all over the country.

Routes served by Bangkok Busline

Bangkok Busline (BB) has their headquarters in Bangkok and provides transportation services between the Thai capital and Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nan and Surat Thani with other minor destinations along the same routes.

Bangkok Busline types of buses

The company has a fleet of Express, VIP and VIP24 buses.

Bangkok Busline VIP24 is the most comfortable and expensive option with

  • wider aisles
  • seats organised 3 per row
  • A/C
  • complimentary bottled water and snacks
  • on-board rest room
  • neck rest and blankets

It is highly recommended if you can invest some extra THB200 in your trip compared to an ordinary express ticket.

Bangkok–Chiang Mai

Bangkok Busline Chiang Mai route is the most popular route served by the company. It takes between 10 and 11 hours to travel in either direction.

Most departures heading to Chiang Mai are evening departures.

All leave from the Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok, Morchit 2, and arrive to Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 2 (Arcade). The morning bus departs at 6.00 am.

Similarly, the majority of return trips are night buses, too.

Night departures are always first to sell out as they help you save precious daytime of your travel. Unlike in some of the neighbouring countries like Cambodia or Myanmar, roads in Thailand are in a much better condition and night travel remains a popular way to reach outlying destinations. Bangkok Busline has a great safety record, so we do recommend considering night bus whether you are heading north to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Nan or south to Surat Thani.

Bangkok–Chiang Rai

Trips to Chiang Rai and back schedule fewer departures, dropping and picking up passengers at Chiang Rai Bus Station 2.

It is a slightly longer route compared to Bangkok–Chiang Mai, taking about 13 hours.


There is also one departure a day to Nan and vice versa. Travel time is 10 hours.

Bangkok –Surat Thani

Additionally to its main itineraries Bangkok Busline makes it to Surat Thani Southern province. There is only one evening departure to this direction at 8.00pm for an affordable price of THB600 for an 11-hour ride.

Note that this route originates from Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal aka Sai Tai Mai, and ends up at Surat Thani Transport Station at Phun Phin. The return service uses the same locations.

Bangkok Busline Review

Bangkok Busline makes the top choice for both local and foreign passengers due to its high-class on-board service, great safety record and courtesy all for a budget-friendly price of THB550-850 depending on the type of the bus.

Those who have used BB more than once strongly recommend to use VIP buses with red-colour seats as these ones normally have more inside space, better general condition and a cleaner toilet.

Do take your valuables with you at the bathroom stops. Not that there have been reports on thefts, but it is always a good idea to use common sense – just in case you happen to miss your bus!

Always check with the bus attendant if you are getting off the right stop as buses can stop at different locations close to your destination before getting to their terminus plus they do practise stops on requests (e.g. the bus passes along Don Mueang airport, which can be very convenient for connecting trips). To be able to get off at a ‘on request’ stop, tell your bus attendant where you are heading when boarding the bus. Note that if on a return trip to Bangkok, the bus calls to Viphavadee Rd. Bus Station (Soi Vibhavadi 130) as well. It is a little closer to the underground though.


  1. Availability of online booking.

  2. Accommodating staff welcomes passengers on board of the bus equipped with comfortable reclining seats with enough leg space, complete with neck-pillows, blankets, snacks and drinks offered.

  3. A meal is normally included into your ticket price: you will be either served a boxed lunch or have time for lunch/dinner as the bus stops en route at a large gas station with convenience stores and a food court.

  4. Toilets on board kept in good order.


  1. There have been reports on late arrival times due to heavy traffic during holiday periods but it is common for all operators.

  2. Freezing temperatures inside the bus (usual Asian-style air-conditioning, so probably an extra layer of clothes is a good idea).

  3. Lights and TV on till midnight or even after; lights switching on at every stop – if it is an issue, bring a sleep eye mask.

  4. Slow Wi-Fi if available at all.

  5. No English-speaking staff/ announcements in English.

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Bangkok Busline Stations

Southern TerminalSurat Thani Bus TerminalMorchitNan Bus TerminalChiang Mai Arcade 2Sombat Tour Viphavadee 13Bus Terminal 2 Chiang RaiChiang Khong Local BusMae Chan Truck StopThung Chang

Bangkok Busline Company Reviews

Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Mar 22, 2020
Went great, the only thing was the music in the bus, and that I didn't know the time of the toilet breaks
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Mar 22, 2020
Rất tuyệt, xe sạch sẽ, có cả đồ ăn nhẹ, và khăn đắt rất sạch sẽ. Trên cả sự kỳ vọng của tôi
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Mar 22, 2020
Tres bonne expérience à renouveller .
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Mar 20, 2020
The good: Bus was on time, seats reclined and had a footrest, a couple of very simple snacks were provided, as was a pillow each. Staff were warm and friendly. There was a stop at a place with nice toilets and the opportunity for people to buy food or snacks if desired. Smooth driving. Decent experience at the good value price-point. The bad: Bus was actually at Arcade 3 instead of 2 (despite the ticket advice -- seemed like a very common error as the Bus Office for the company was located at Arcade 3 and the lady who redirected us clearly dealt with this often). Sitting in the top story and rear half of the bus near the back smelled like urine due to proximity to the bathroom, and whenever someone opened the compartment that led to it there was a pungent odour. Bathroom wasn't pleasant, but I wasn't expecting much. Thankfully my partner and I relocated to different seats and that was much more comfortable -- definitely sit far away from the toilet if the smell issue is common on other buses. Seats are designed for smaller Thai people, so if you're long legged then be aware of that. :)
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Mar 20, 2020
They woke us up take out blankets and after they put the músic súper loud for 5-10 minutes and it was 6 am so pretty shit
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Mar 19, 2020
L accoudoir du milieu qui se relève entièrement tout comme le repose pieds auraient permis un plus grand confort Manque cruellement d une connexion wi fi
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Mar 16, 2020
El trayecto estuvo bien, solo que es un bus de noche y por lo tanto para dormir y cada 30 minutos sonaba una alarma. La cual no dejaba dormir. Fuera de eso, todo bien
Bus VIP 24, Bangkok Busline, Mar 8, 2020
For the foreigns just to let you know, you have a free meal when they stopped, but nobody tells you nothing, so you need to go inside the place and show your ticket and then they tell you where you can eat. If you want to eat in the middle of the night just go around and ask. The bus was a good one, comfortable with a big seats, they also give you bottle of a water, snacks and coffee in the morning. You also have a toilet on the bus and tc and charger for mobile. But we arrived half and hour before which is not bad but have in mind that you can't do a lot of things in the morning there. Also the guy on the bus spoke a but of english wich was nice too.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Mar 6, 2020
The trip was nice but I suggest that they should have an English speaking guide.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Mar 5, 2020
Alles in allem war es super! Decken, Wasser und kleiner Snack wurden einem direkt am Anfang gegeben und die Sitze ließen sich in gute Schlafpositionen verschieben. Das Personal war nett, aber konnte leider kein Wort Englisch. Trotzdem war der Bus nicht überfüllt und vor allem pünktlich in Abfahrt und sogar etwas früher in der Ankunft :)
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Mar 5, 2020
Cool service
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Mar 4, 2020
Departed and arrived on time, seats were not comfortable for westerners, there was no free meal as advertised
Bus VIP 24, Bangkok Busline, Mar 3, 2020
The best bus I've been in my life.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Mar 2, 2020
Very nice, thank you! ????
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Mar 1, 2020
Prise usb, couverture, coussin, repas et eau fournis Assez confortable et le trajet est passé relativement vite Je recommande
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Mar 1, 2020
Der Bus hatte eine angenehme Temperatur durch die Klimaanlage. Am Anfang wurden wir mit einer Flasche Wasser, einem Muffin und einem Milchbrötchen versorgt, was echt super war. Zusätzlich hatten wir eine dünne Decke und ein Nackenkissen zur Verfügung. Einen weiteren Pluspunkt gibt es für den USB-Anschluss im Bus, an dem man sein Handy laden konnte! Einen Minuspunkt gibt es für die doch sehr unbequemen Sitze. Durch die voreingestellte Nackenhalterung war es schwer eine angenehme Position einzunehmen, um (da es sich um eine Nachtfahrt handelte) eine bequeme Position einzunehmen. Alles in allem bin ich aber zufrieden und würde es weiterempfehlen.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 29, 2020
It's a good way to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. You can make it comfortable so that sleeping is actually possible. But they announce everything just in Thai, so most of the travellers missed the chance to get a free meal after midnight. And it's getting cold in the bus, make sure you wear long clothes.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 28, 2020
Everything ok
Bus VIP, Bangkok Busline, Feb 25, 2020
Malgré les 12h de bus voyage impec Je trouve ce type de transport tres atypique étant française Entre le repas et le service à bord
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 24, 2020
Could sleep the whole trip, was comfortable. We got a blanket, water and Snacks. The staff couldnt speak englisch, so i dont know where the meal for free was. We arrived one 1 earlier.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 24, 2020
Really cold,loud and smelly
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 24, 2020
Très facile de s’y retrouver dans la station de bus.j’ai choisi un voyage de nuit. Le bus était très confortable. Un coupe faim et une bouteille d’eau. Horaire respecté: Très bon rapport qualité prix (17€).
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 23, 2020
Train nikel en 1er classe avec couchette. Avec service petit déjeuner sur place au petit matin. Et on nous a gentiment changer la destination au lieu de Chumpon pour Surat Thanit.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 21, 2020
Très différent de l'expérience française du bus. Une hôtesse, un petit déjeuner, une bouteille d'eau et le repas offert lors d'une halte... Et surtout de la place pour vos jambes !!! Prise USB disponible entre les sièges. Par contre le départ n'est pas à Arcade 2, et l'arrivée loin du métro MRT and BTR... Donc taxi !
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 19, 2020
War super!! Sehr professionell durchgeführt! Ansagen per Mikro zur Dauer der Fahrt, Pausenzeiten, sehr freundlich! Gab ne Decke, 2 kleine Sweets und Wasser.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 19, 2020
It was a great trip - I don’t know how the VIP busses look like but I can’t imagine a better bus + enough room for legs and bags + USB outlet to charge phones + pillows and blankets for everyone + water bottle and snacks (1 muffin & sweet bread) + punctual departure and arrival (felt safe during the trip too) + one staff member on board who gave us hand sanitizer at the beginning of our trip and a facial wipe to refresh in the morning + working toilet + quiet atmosphere We had a break around 1.30/2 AM for 15 minutes. I was 100% satisfied on this trip!
Bus VIP 24, Bangkok Busline, Feb 19, 2020
Exceeded all expectations! Bus services aren't half as good as this at home: free food, snacks, blankets, pillow, reclining seats, loads of space. Amazing, it's the most I've ever been able to sleep on a night bus before! Highly recommend.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 19, 2020
Great seats, nice travel, sockets to charge your phone, and on time!
Bus VIP 24, Bangkok Busline, Feb 18, 2020
Very nice journey, comfortable chairs . I can recommend
Bus VIP 24, Bangkok Busline, Feb 17, 2020
Very good booking process
Bus VIP, Bangkok Busline, Feb 16, 2020
Just fine.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 14, 2020
Great trip! Good comfy seas, AC, they gave us food and a blanket
Bus VIP 24, Bangkok Busline, Feb 14, 2020
Loved bigger seat, can stretch legs, reclined well so I could sleep pretty good! Snack, dinner, arrived earlier, very comfortable ride for 12 hours ride $32 US!! Highly recommend!!!
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 13, 2020
Information insuffisante donnée par 12go, il donne la duree du voyage laquelle n'a pas ete respectee arrivee plus tard. Il ne mentionne pas le nombre d'arrets que le bus fait pour prendre des gens ou ceux qui descendent ni s'il y a un ou deux arrêts pour le voyageur aucune explication n'est fournie. Autrement beaucoup de place pour les jambes bon confort du siège.
Bus VIP 24, Bangkok Busline, Feb 13, 2020
Everything was great except unhealthy snacks at the beginning and all the movies are only in thai language. Also was very cold, blanket is too thin to help, so have to bring more warm clothes. Service and bus itself were great. We were in bkk on time, even earlier.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 12, 2020
The bus was nice and I was happy to have a bathroom on board. Attendant was very sweet and helpful. We left at 10 in the morning and did not stop for lunch until 4:30. The free lunch was a nice surprise. I know it can't be expected but it kind of surprised me that none of the workers speak any English, being in the tourist business. It makes it difficult to know where to get off or how long the stops will be.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 12, 2020
Great service. Was given breakfast and stopped off at a service station for a free meal. Big downside is that the bus actually leaves from terminal three NOT terminal 2 arcade. The Bangkok bus line stand where you collect your ticket from and board your bus is TERMINAL 3. We nearly missed our bus because of this. But it may be the fault of 12goasia. Please change!!!
Bus VIP 24, Bangkok Busline, Feb 12, 2020
Wir rundherum zuffrieden
Bus VIP, Bangkok Busline, Feb 11, 2020
Trip was good, with modern bus, water and snack and even coffee in the mornig. Personal was friendly - good performance.
Bus VIP 24, Bangkok Busline, Feb 10, 2020
VIP seats not really comfortable to sleep and not as good as the lie down seat equivalent in some countries. Guide informed me no wifi. Very disappointed, lots of improvement needed.
Bus VIP, Bangkok Busline, Feb 10, 2020
First time for me. I was pleasantly surprised of all the service. I absolutely will use it again
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 8, 2020
Nice bus, good amenities, lots of leg space. Only the TV sucked a lot. More than an hour before we arrived the TV turned on with shouting people... Really put a bummer on an otherwise perfect trip.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 8, 2020
The cheapest night Bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai but definitely the great one. Bus is quite comfortable, you can make almost a bed from your seat, you get blanket, water and snacks in the Bus. Bus arrived 1 hour late, which was completely okay because it was 7 am. Bus was pretty safe, all the passengers were tourists.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 6, 2020
Bus arrived more than 1h late. We had lunch at 4pm and the staff didn’t even informe the passengers about the 20 min. Break and the free lunch included in the ticket
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 6, 2020
No wifi , no reading light
Bus VIP 24, Bangkok Busline, Feb 5, 2020
We have already driven a lot of night buses in Asia. This was one of the most enjoyable trips. Gladly again.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 4, 2020
Okay, nur eine Pause mit einem ordentlichen Thaifood in 11 Stunden, aber einige Stops fürs Ein-und Aussteigen. Wir saßen unten vorne und hatten ausgiebig Platz. Kein Unterschied zum VIP festzustellen!
Bus VIP, Bangkok Busline, Feb 4, 2020
Amazing service from Bangkok Buslines!
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 4, 2020
Clean bus, much space, good Snacks but regardless service.
Bus Express, Bangkok Busline, Feb 3, 2020
They did a good job. I felt like the ride was smooth. I don't really care about the reclining seats when compared to Vietnam's sleeper buses, but they do the job. The seats are not equipt for tall people. I'm 6 foot or 180 cm and I found the seats tolerable. If you were taller, may not be the best ride but cheapest. This is the 2nd bus ride through Thailand and both were good, comfortable, and warm. No crazy drivers so far.
5406 customer reviews