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曼谷和金边之间的运输类型 从曼谷到金边的交通

从 曼谷 到 金边 ]的旅游胜地评论

公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2020年2月12日
The first part of the trip (by bus) was okay. However, I only found out when I was boarding that the bus stops in Siem Reap, and from there I would have to take a van (price included) to Phnom Penh. My ETA was supposed to have been 15:00, but I only reached Phnom Penh around 18:30. The worst part is that my friend waited (in vain) for me at the stop, but I couldn't contact her until a much later stage (as there was no WIFI on the van). The 17,5- hour trip just wasn't worth it for me - next time I'll rather fly.
公共汽车 Express Seater 41, Virak Buntham Express, 2020年1月10日
Though I was told that the journey would go straight from Bangkok to Pnohm Penh it did not. We went to Siem Reap first and that took most of the day considering that most of the fellow travellers did not have an E-Visa and needed to get one at the border. I told my hotel in Pnohm Penh I would arrive about 20.00 pm. It was clear this would not go as they told me it would take five to six hours from Siem Reap to Pnohm Penh. First I was told to wait at a specific place with my luggage. A van standing there would bring me to Pnohm Penh. Then they told me to get on a tuktuk because I was to be brought to another bus station and take a bus from there. This was a sleeperbus and I had to lay there with a girl that was also going to Pnohm Penh. At different occasions I asked the staff member to call my hotel to tell them I would be very late. She and other staff members did not care about my concern and did not respond at all. We arrived at 01.00 Am where the girl stole food from me when I went to visit the toilet. On the whole this was a very bad experience and I advise anyone to look for another company to travel with.
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2020年1月2日
From to Bangkok to Siem Reap the trip was made in a by, comfortable bus with wireless. Then I switched to a mini van with locals to Phnom Penh. I love locals, very friendly, but the van was not really comfortable for a 6h ride... Even tough I like to travel by bus so globaly I would say I enjoyed and I would do it again.
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2019年11月20日
3 hours late from Siem Reip to Pnong Penh. Otherwise good
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2019年11月9日
Good trip. On schedule. 55min flight and meal offered. Not expected.
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2019年11月7日
Bangkok to Phnom Penh. A320. Great chairs and sufficient leg apace.. Great customer service. I found issue with my ticket and they solved it for free. The trip was only 50 minutes but they served a great meal. Compliments for this flight company and the service they deliver.
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2019年10月20日
Trip went fine. Picked up at Khaosan which sucks but it's Khaosan so you know what you're getting into with that. Stopped at the border, had to pay $10 extra cuz I had no visa pictures so total for getting into Cambodia was $40. Pretty tame as far as borders are concerned. Guide was very helpful, and friendly. Poi Pet (border crossing town) was a bit of a mess, but that's what you get with rural border crossings. Trip ended in Siem Reap, took a VIP minibus to Phnom Penh (a bit sketch with the driving, but driving here is nuts anyway.) Only complaint was that I couldn't charge my phone at all but that's whatever.
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2019年9月11日
The staff are nice and bus is good! The only problem is that I bought the ticket tô arrive in PP at 3pm and we arrived here 9pm
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2019年8月26日
Went well
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2019年7月29日
The journey was all good, all the staff were very helpful and clear in their instructions. Just read the small print and you can see that you transfer to a smaller un-airconditioned coach but was a very smooth journey.
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2019年7月29日
The first leg of the journey (Bangkok to Siem Reap) was good and I would rate it much higher for that part. However, the part between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh was terrible for multiple reasons. No one assisted the travellers in finding the next bus, we were just waved towards a ticket office, which had signs which were not Travel Mart, but a different company. There was no time left between buses for a food or toilet break. No luggage tags were provided. The bus to Phnom Penh was a sleeper bus - which in itself is okay, except I had to share a bed with another person - this is an invasion of personal space and not something I signed up for when I bought a bus ticket. The bus did not have a toilet, and only stopped once, at a rough roadside stop with a food selection that was not attractive for a European traveller.
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2019年7月10日
Bus from bkk-seam Reap was nice but bus from seam Reap to PP was so old and little space for sharing 2ppl
公共汽车 Express Seater 41, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年5月31日
Long trip from Bangkok !!
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2019年5月15日
Some of the seats were not adjustable. I sat behind someone who’s seat was reclined the whole journey as the could not Chang this. My trip was not comfortable
公共汽车 空调卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年4月15日
I'm thankful using 12go Asia website. I came back to the place where I want to go. Thank you. Thank you VET company for the good service. I want to ride with you next time I'll travel. Thanks.
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2019年3月21日
Very friendly staff. Engaged well with their captive audience. Different visa requirements for travellers meant different prices. Through lack of evidence and transparency I felt that I paid for something I did not receive. The bus was ok but was in need of internal maintenance.
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2019年3月3日
Very efficient and reliable. The staff were very attentive and ensures that you had everything that you needed on the bus and crossing the border. Their English was very good with a great sense of humour!
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2019年1月30日
First bus was Nice And comfortabel, second one was awful, sleeper with 2 people in one bed... and I arrived 2 hours later than expected so my hotel was closed already
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2019年1月14日
Very rude representative in Bangkok. Very helpful representative at the border crossing. Uncomfortable vanride from Siem Reip.
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2019年1月11日
Compramos pasajes que en teoría iban directo desde Bangkok a Phnom phen, pero al subir al bus nos dijeron que primero paraba en siemp reap y que una vez allí debíamos tomar otro bus. Esto nunca fue comunicado desde la página. Al llegar a siem reap tuvimos una espera de 2 horas. Y desde allí el viaje cambio a una mini van, cuando habíamos pagado viaje completo en bus. Llegamos 3 horas más tarde de lo pensado, perdiendo toda una tarde planificada en Phnom phen. Una vergüenza!!!
公共汽车 快速, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年11月19日
In terms of ease, it was pretty straight forward, even with border control into Cambodia! We booked a sleeper straight from Bangkok which we thought was direct. We ended up getting dropped at Siem Reap, having to wait an hour and a half before boarding a new bus to Phnom Penh. Our first bus also wasn’t a sleeper but a standard bus. It wasn’t until Phnom Penh that the sleeper was provided. WiFi, water and snacks provided on the first one and a nice chap who spoke good English - toilet available. 2nd bus had no water, WiFi, snacks, or toilet which was odd given it was a sleeper.
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2018年9月13日
Good on all aspects. I recommend.
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2018年7月18日
Nice bus, comfortable seats, wifi. We were given a bottle of water and a little snack.
公共汽车 AC Seater/Sleeper, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年7月4日
Nice ride for a long way trip
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2018年4月7日
First bus was terribly bumpy, needs new springs. Web site does not reveal that trip takes several hours longer by going through siem reap with a bus change which was specifically denied on site. Second bus with low class company rith mony, many stops, horribly filthy rest stops even though the bus had a smoother ride by far., bags of produce in the isles. Phnom Penh travel mart should be ashamed.
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co Intl (บริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด), 2018年4月2日
This was the real experience. Our driver, Bart aka king of the road, was kind and sweet, and let us watch muay thai with him while he was driving. His friend, Pookie, helped us with the visums, else we probably would have been killed or worse... mugged. Bart really liked honking on the street, because he wanted the attention of the pretty girls selling fried cat on the side of the road. The bus was comfortable, we barely heard the chickens and goats in the back. We even got to help the locals carry their stuff of the bus, because Bart was face timing with one of his pretty girls. We only saw one guy and dog die due to road accidents, none of them caused by Bart. It only took us 16 hours to get from Bangkok to Phnom Penh. As a conclusion I would really recommend this busride, but don't forget to ask for Bart for the real deal.
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co Intl (บริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด), 2018年3月29日
The overall travel experience was fine - clean bus, good service. However, upon reaching the cambodian customs, things started to get quite messy with multiple low-rise building's for different segments instead of a single building encompassing everything, namely, the purchase of visa's, departure, and arrival etc. I was also asked to pay 100 baht in order to get my passport(Singaporean Passport) back. I believe this is not supposed to be a requirement. Reason being, those holding Singaporean passports need not pay for a visa's or any form of fees at the checkpoint. Additionally, those from the same bus were not required to pay any form fee at the customs checkpoint besides having the need to pay for their Visa.
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2018年1月29日
I safely arrived at my destination. However, there were some delays, but it doesn't matter anymore. Good job for the bus operator. By the way, I am just curious why the bus personnel asked for a $5US for the stamp when we were about to cross the cambodian border. Where in fact i can just do it myself. Knowing that I hold a Philippine Passport, I was not supposed to pay anything, since we are a member of ASEAN. For a foreigner visiting a place, and being able to experience such scams, this should not happen again, and should not be tolerated. I think the government has something to do about this. These sort of scams would result to foreigners not even wanting to visit this place. I have been travelling to different countries already, and this is my first time to experience such.
公共汽车 城际列车, Travel Mart (ทราเวลมาร์ท), 2018年1月26日
The bus was full of mosquitos, at immigration, the drivers made up charges to add an additional $10. On arrival into Phnom Penh, they left us at a random place, not the stop that was described on the ticket. They didn't steal anything at least.
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co Intl (บริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด), 2017年12月14日
Everything was good, the staff of the bus helped with border crossing, the only thing is that the bus' last stop is near y5coffe in front of bayon market. This is for those who don't know the city and have a friend to pick them up.
公共汽车 VIP舱, Transport Co Intl (บริษัท ขนส่ง จำกัด), 2017年10月23日
Trip started good, though at the border in Aranyaprathet a tout tried to rip me off for a visa (I had an e-Visa and he claimed that it still needed to be stamped for 20 USD on the Thai side... which obviously was big bullshit). I ignored the guy and pass the border with ease, got back in the bus and had a good ride. I received complimentary steamed rice with shrimps (the one you can buy at 7-eleven). Further down the route at Battambang, the bus broke down though and I had to wait for a local bus, which stopped everywhere on the rest of the route, making me arrive 2h late in Phnom Penh. Anyway, I'm on holiday so no problem for the delay, I've got plenty of time. Trip was ok for the price I paid.
公共汽车 VIP舱, zzNOT_USE_Jolly Travel Bangkok (บริษัท จอลลี่ จำกัด), 2017年10月17日
This Trip is not really a direct bus. We had a pick up with a Mini-Van till close to the Cambodian border. We had to wait at some sort of restaurant for around one hour and got our visa there, that was really easy (but you need to bring two passpictures and enough Baht to pay the visa). It was possible for us to change our destination to Siem Riep what was a little surprise for us. After that we left with another Mini-Van to the border, walked through, showed our visa and went into a big bus. We were only around 10 people and had plenty of space. After another 3 or 4 hours we arrived Siem Riep at the evening.
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在曼谷和金边之间旅行可选择 飞机 和 出租车的交通方式。
如果选择飞机,则票价高达THB 13,454;如果想要选择经济实惠的交通方式
,可以选择出租车,其票价为THB 8,335




6小时可抵达目的地。飞机相对慢很多,需要23小时 50分钟,抵达


如果您选择Glassflower 出租车从曼谷前往金边,票价可
低达THB 8,335。如果您购买Singapore Airlines 飞机票,则票价可高达
THB 13,454

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  • 1 从 曼谷 往 金边 从最早 01:00 Phnom Penh Virak Buntham 到 09:00 Phnom Penh Virak Buntham

1 从 曼谷 往 金边 从最早 00:00 Phnom Penh any hotel 到 00:00 Phnom Penh any hotel




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