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金边和曼谷之间的运输类型 从金边到曼谷的交通

从 金边 到 曼谷 ]的旅游胜地评论

公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年12月1日
Bus didn't have any toilets like advertised, and the beds were different to the pictures. Drivers didn't speak any English and came across as rude. Changed to a cramped minivan at the border which wasn't on the booking. Driver then dropped me off at somewhere random.
公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年11月23日
The staff are not able to provide information about trip details to foreigners and talk loudly (either with another staff or passengers) for the whole duration of the trip. The bus and its facilities (bed, etc.) are not well maintained.
公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年8月11日
They (Bus driver and his friends) are earning 5 USD$ extra for visa on arrival They don’t talk politely also they just talking with us in there own language. Otherwise all service was good.
公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年8月2日
The bus ride is supposed to take 17 hours. This basically means we were in the hotel bus from 20pm to 4am and we were dropped at the border, to wait there for two hours and then wait one more hour to cross the border, where people screamed at us. Which was followed by a bus drive in a mini van to bangkok. So not really good for getting some sleep, only for getting frustrated
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Thero Express, 2019年5月13日
Cambodian part of the trip was OK but Thai part was a piece of shit. To the border, we arrived in time. Our passports were stamped and our luggage was taken over the border on carts. An officer caught a mototaxi to take me closer to the border. I walk with cruches. After my passport was stamped in Thailand I had to walk for about 30 min under rain asking at every corner where is Thero Express untill I reached some point where I was offered to wait. When I asiked about my luggage nobody paid attention to me. Then I was told to walk to a big bus which was some hundred meters away. When I reached the bus I asked about my two bags again. A superviser sent a guy to look for them and in five minutes he got back with one of my bags. Then another guy was sent to look for another bag and successfuly brought it back. But he wanted me to pay him five bucks for the service. Superviser showed no reaction. I said that I paid for all in Cambodia and got in the bus. At last we started and ariived to our destination at about half past ten PM.
公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年4月10日
the whole trip took more than 18hrs to reach bangkok city and the sleeper bus was cramp and the whole journey was very bumpy
公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年3月11日
In 3 trips 3 buses have broken down
公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年3月11日
Unproblematic ride with the night bus until the border. There you get the ticket for the bus in Thailand. After the crossing the border by yourself, you’ll find the busses the will bring you to Bangkok. Nice staff.
公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年2月16日
SLEEPER BUS IT IS NOT!! If you find it hard to sleep DO NOT book this method of travel. We boarded the bus and set off almost on time which was a bonus but then it all went wrong. We were on the 2nd row of lower beds so next to the entrance & exit, the driver and his companion laughed and talked and played LOUD music the whole journey ( it was impossible to sleep listening to that blasting down the bus ???? ) We stopped several times but the lack of communication was impossible to determine if we could get off or if it was a stop for everyone. Then around 4am the sounds of a screaming woman who had missed her stop to Siem Reap amongst her family of 5 was just ridiculous she begged and demanded the bus to stop for around 30mins before it finally came to a place and let them off We were then all ushered off the bus abruptly around 6.30am at the side of a busy roundabout area ( we had NO idea where we was ) I asked the driver BANGKOK? He just grunted but i didn’t recognize anything ???? After figuring out i needed to enter a small office a gentleman asked for our tickets and told me to wait outside with a tag around our necks, we were the only ones left to discover we had to go across the street to departures fill in our departure card inside our passports and walk over the border to Thailand alone. We waited in a line of people for around 60/70 minutes before being stamped and sent through passport control, the wait was horrendous no signs to follow, no one to tell you the way i just looked out for anyone with the same tag around their neck and hoped for the best. Around 8.30am 2 hours after being dropped off we were packed into a minibus for a further 5hour journey Thankfully nicer driver, stops for food and restrooms but the longest journey EVER!! 17 1/2 hours in total We were dropped by the side of the road near the BTS which is not the drop off on our ticket costing us more to reach our destination Budget travel, budget service i will never do it again ( but our things were safe for anyone stressing about that )
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年9月26日
It was ok, the wifi doesn't work, and if you travel alone you share a bed. This was in the very fine print.. they didn't speak english, so it was had to know where to go before and after, but it worked out juat fine
公共汽车 卧铺, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年9月24日
Bus stop many place from PP to the boarder. From the boarder to BKK horrible driver with a horrible bus
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年7月26日
Poor service, older bus. No clearly instructions given.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Thero Express, 2018年7月6日
It was the bumpiest bus journey I have ever been on, even the smoothest of roads felt like it had huge potholes. If you value comfort at all, use a different bus provider
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年7月5日
I’m 5’9 and I was too tall for the sleeper bus. I was with my boyfriend so things weren’t awkward but if you travel solo you’ll probably be squished in to essentially a single bed with a stranger
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Virak Buntham Express, 2018年6月12日
I took the hotel bus from Phnom Penh to Bangkok and have nothing to complain. Pleasant journey although it would have been nice to be informed about the shared bed on the first bus... Luckily I had a really nice woman I shared the bed with. The staff was nice and helpful, could communicate in English and the bus itself was clean. On the second bus I had charging option and WiFi and we had a short toilette and snack break. Would choose this company again.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Thero Express, 2018年4月21日
The vehicle was on time in departing, but the driver had to wait/ go back for some passengers (a miscommunication probably transpired between them). The driver in Phnom Penh was very courteous, cheerful and helpful. It was only when we were near the thailand border when i realized there was free wifi (my bad... i should've asked, instead of looking for a written notice of a password or something). I was seated alone in the front of the van so i had a lot of room to myself, which i really liked. I couldn't quite figure out where to proceed from the border, good thing my fellow passengers were kind enough to let me just tag along. The connecting van in thailand was on time, and we had a quiet ride. Both operators were polite, but, I must say, the service was "warmer" in cambodia compared to that in thailand. Anyhow, i am thankful to the safe and uneventful trip :)
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Thero Express, 2018年3月12日
The way from Phnom Penh to the boarder was horrible. The driver didn’t speak English at all and they stopped 3 more times than they told us. There was not enough space for our luggage. We started at 5am and we should be in Bangkok at 4:30 pm. We didn’t expect to be there in time but 3 hours too late is not acceptable. They way from the boarder to Bangkok was very quick and without problems. I wouldnt recommend this bus.
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Thero Express, 2017年12月28日
Terrible timing and unorganized
厢型车 14 座区域厢型车, Thero Express, 2017年11月7日
So the van driver, drove too fast feels like it’s 80-120kph. And we felt so unsafe because of his driving skills. Even on the rough road he did not slow down. Maybe the driver should stick to a safer speed limit. It’s okay if he drive too fast as long as the passengers feel safe. And they did not orient us much earlier that we have to transfer another van on the Thailand border but it’s okay because the other agency explained to us. We just kept on waiting for the van, and kept ignoring the assigned guy of the other agency because we thought it’s a scam. But so far, the service is good, the staff are kind and guided us. It’s just the driving and the speed limit is our main negative comment here. Thank you and more power.
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在金边和曼谷之间旅行可选择 飞机 和 出租车的交通方式。
如果选择飞机,则票价高达USD 1,175.34;如果想要选择经济实惠的交通方式
,可以选择飞机,其票价为USD 78.99




1小时 20分钟,可抵达目的地。飞机相对慢很多,需要1天 2小时 15分钟,抵达


如果您选择Thai AirAsia (แอร์เอเชีย) 飞机从金边前往曼谷,票价可
低达USD 78.99。如果您购买Korean Air 飞机票,则票价可高达
USD 1,175.34

金边和 曼谷之间每天有多少趟车或航班?

  • 1 从 金边 往 曼谷 从最早 11:10 Suvarnabhumi Airport 到 23:40 Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • 1 从 金边 往 曼谷 从最早 01:00 Bangkok 到 22:00 Bangkok

1 从 金边 往 曼谷 从最早 00:00 Bangkok Hotel Transfer 到 00:00 Bangkok Hotel Transfer




,您能以最低的价格USD 78.98购买到机票。


Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Thai AirAsia (แอร์เอเชีย)


重要须知: 如果想要更舒适的旅行,请尽可能选择更高级的公共汽车。这些公共汽车通常配有可调节软


Virak Buntham Express







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