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All domestic flights out of Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airport, as well as other public transport modes have been halted until 2 August or until further notice. If it's necessary to make a trip during the lockdown, you can register your trip information and save QR code, in order to show to the officers any time you will be asked to stop at a checkpoint.
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苏梅岛和曼谷之间的运输类型 从苏梅岛到曼谷的交通

  • 飞机
    ฿ 2,834
  • 火车不可用
  • 公共汽车不可用
  • 轮渡不可用
  • 出租车不可用

从 苏梅岛 到 曼谷 ]的旅游胜地评论

飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2020年9月5日
Vol pontuel personnel de bord agréable
公共汽车 VIP 24, Krungsiam Tour (กรุงสยามทัวร์), 2020年3月25日
Заказывали билеты на группу из 7 человек с трансфером от отеля на Самуи до Бангкока. Так как билетов на обратный путь на руках не было, волновались чтобы про нас не забыли, но в назначенное время на ресепшен отеля перезвонили и предупредили о небольшой задержке с просьбой ожидать. Через 30-40 минут приехал автобус и далее мы поехали по маршруту, билеты водитель привез с собой. На автовокзале действительно пришлось ожидать рейса часа полтора, как многие пишут. Но последовав примеру местных мы устроили мини пикник на газоне и на фоне красивого заката время пролетело незаметно. Не смотря на отличную организацию, по понятным причинам путь этот достаточно труден физически.
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2020年3月25日
Vše probíhalo výborně od objednání letenek přes odbavení, skvělá a milá obsluha v letadle. Není co vytknout.
轮渡 游艇, Lomprayah (ลมพระยา), 2020年3月20日
Pickup at the hotel was a bit earlier (6.15 am). Punctual arrival in Bangkok and overall good organization
轮渡 高速游轮, Songserm (ส่งเสริม), 2020年3月9日
It was cheap but by no means comfi...
轮渡 高速游轮, Songserm (ส่งเสริม), 2020年3月8日
Pick up from the hotel in Samui was as per schedule. But the journey from donsak pier to bangkok took more than 15 hrs which was bit boring.
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2020年3月5日
Nous sommes arrivés à l'heure pour l'embarquement et malgré que nous ayons réservé les billets, il n'y avait pas assez de place dans le bateau au moment d'embarquer !!! Il a donc fallu attendre 1 heure qu'un autre bateau vienne nous chercher , avec d'autres passagers . Donc, 1 heure à attendre et 1 heure de retard du coup sur notre taxi de réservé à K
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2020年3月5日
Wonderful airport. Excellent flight
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2020年3月5日
Bus quality was less good than the usual bkk-samui route
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2020年3月3日
Fairly comfortable ride
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2020年3月1日
Everything nice, pick up from the hotel smooth, sunset ferry ride nice. They give you a bottle of water and a meal based on rice and chicken, which is nice. Night bus ride was comfy, bus seats are ok and you get a little pillow and blanket. There is also USB port to charge your phone. The driver was very and kind. We arrived to Bangkok almost one hour earlier then scheduled.
公共汽车 VIP 24, Krungsiam Tour (กรุงสยามทัวร์), 2020年2月27日
We had an accident
公共汽车 VIP 24, Krungsiam Tour (กรุงสยามทัวร์), 2020年2月21日
The staff in a coach was so helpful! The seat was very comfortable. I could sleep well.
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2020年2月11日
Easy, pro, efficient.
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2020年2月9日
Very easy cheap way to travel from Samui back to Bk. As other comments already said... When they drop you at hotel at destination, it is only a few hundred meters to the metro into town.
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2020年1月22日
Perfect! Way from koh samui to bangkok. Cheap fast and comfort
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2020年1月20日
Very smooth transition from ferry to bus, including a small meal and water as a refreshment. V comfortable bus with 30 min stop halfway. Car ferry also v comfortable. Would use again!
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2020年1月14日
The ferry was 1,5 hour delayed. The journey on the ferry was comfortable, few people, no problem. On the other side we received dinner and got in the bus, which was comfotable too. We had one break and to the hotel in Bangkok we arrived on time. From the hotel to the center u can use public transport, the train station is about 15 minutes far. So I can recomend.
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2019年12月30日
Nothing special.
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2019年12月19日
Smooth journey and well organised. Comfortable and clean bus Friendly driver Good value for money
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2019年12月18日
friendly and punctual, excellent service, thank you
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2019年12月18日
Nice and easy. Koh samui is my favorite airport. On the negative, the Bangkok airlines asked for a full price of tickets to change the flight to the one couple of hours later...shame
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2019年12月15日
Everything was fine the bus was very comfortable recommended this trip
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2019年12月4日
Worked great- got us there and even earlier than scheduled. Ferry is a bit dirty but the bus is very nice
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2019年12月1日
Very comfortable and well organised. Very friendly bus driver. Comfortable seats in the ship.
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2019年11月26日
The flight was right on time, the flight attendants were really nice and we had a meal for a 1 hour flight!!! Thank you!
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2019年11月24日
Trip was comfy, but ferry was heavily polluting and exhausts came also inside ferry. Dinner was included but no veggie option. Bus was comfortable and time passed fast while sleeping. Price was Very low compared to flight prices so this is a good option to get to bangkok
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2019年11月22日
Very easy airport to travel from no messing around.
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2019年11月18日
It was great to travel with bangkok airways great service and great flight
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2019年11月17日
It was all on time and the notes on how to get where you were going were spot on
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2019年11月9日
Everything was organised nicely.
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2019年10月30日
Everything is perfect except for the air conditioning on the bus. If you are sitting next to a window it blows constantly on you. In order to not get sick you have to cover your head with the blanket they provide. If this AC condition is fixed, this is a five-star service.
轮渡 高速游轮, Songserm (ส่งเสริม), 2019年10月28日
Had a more pleasant journey for the same price Bangkok - Koh samui with Raja ferries. With Raja we were told in detail what would happen during our travel, so that we always were informed (we traveled by bus and ferry). But with Songserm we were many times left clueless unless we asked ourselves. Starting in the office in Koh Samui we got our tickets and no further direction where to go. So we walked out and saw that there were two piers outside the office, which led to us going back to ask for which pier we would had to go to. (We discovered that our pier had a sign which said Songserm when we came closer to it though). At the pier we asked one of the employees what do then we saw some people waiting and some employees there too and we were not sure if we should wait there or walk out to the pier. The employee looked at our ticket and answered that we should just wait. After a while one employee shouted out the name of our ferry and told us to walk down the pier. Turns out our boat stops in the middle of the pier, which we didn't know and we sees the employee running and shouting after one of the other passengers to come back, then he had walked too far.... well on the boat we were asked by another passenger (and saw other people in the same clueless situation) if the next stop was our stop, then there were no speakers. Turns out it was the last stop. So we walked out and were led to a building where we had to confirm our tickets again (which we didn't have to do with Raja). There we were informed that our bus would pick us up a bit over an hour. (With Raja we had to wait 10 minutes for the ferry, and the bus drove from Bangkok!). Then around one hour later a bus arrived (no information about this bus were given) so people got ready and in line, before they told us that this was the bus to Krabi and not our bus to Bangkok... so we got out of the line and waited for our bus. We got on our bus at approximately 5 pm and our bus were scheduled to be in Bangkok at 5:30 am. With Raja we had no breaks during our bus trip (except for waiting an hour on other passengers to board an hour after we boarded which we were told in advance). On the bus with Songserm the lights went on at midnight, the bus stopped and a guy shouted that we would have a 40 minute break (at 11:40 PM!). In total we had a worse experience with Songserm than Raja.
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2019年10月26日
Facilities were clean a d everything ran on time. Great service
公共汽车 快速, Lomprayah (ลมพระยา), 2019年10月24日
The busses are really dirty by the end of the trip.especially the bathrooms. Announcements were confusing
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2019年10月19日
Perfect transfer on time
轮渡 游艇, Lomprayah (ลมพระยา), 2019年10月10日
It was excellent transfer. Pick up came to pickup on time. High speed ferry was excellent. All perfect.
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2019年10月6日
Very good organisation! Nice and comfortable journey.
轮渡 游艇, Lomprayah (ลมพระยา), 2019年9月29日
Everything went smooth, just be prepared to drive from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and than to the mainland (Chumpon), where the busses wait. For the lack of the detailed information about the itinerary only 4 stars.
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2019年9月18日
Smooth booking and travel, excellent service all round.
飞机 经济舱, Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), 2019年9月17日
The staff at Koh Samui airport were really friendly and helpful. We were moved to the earlier flight as we arrived at the airport early. The airport also had good WiFi and complimentary drinks and snacks. Our flight was meant to board at 13:50 but we did not hear anything regarding the flight until 14:15 - so for a while we had no idea what was happening.
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2019年9月17日
Assez bien, bus confortable ferry direct, bien.. mais arriver à Bangkok avec un retard de 2h..
轮渡 游艇, Lomprayah (ลมพระยา), 2019年9月16日
Everything was on time and perfect!
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2019年9月13日
all worked flawlessly...pickup on time, smooth transfer in modern and comfortable bus. very timely too
公共汽车 VIP 24, Krungsiam Tour (กรุงสยามทัวร์), 2019年9月13日
Stuff on the bus is friendly. The Sears on the bus is comfortable. All journey is good!!
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2019年9月5日
Greatest organisation!!! Very recommend
公共汽车 VIP 24, Krungsiam Tour (กรุงสยามทัวร์), 2019年9月1日
Seats were very comfortable compared to coaches we’ve taken before. There was a tv with English movies but my screen didn’t work so well so didn’t use that. My partner did. The massage function of the chair didn’t work. We got snacks and drinks and a cold towel when we first got on but that was it. No stop for a meal as advertised, yet again. Stopped for a toilet break about 2 hours into the trip then no more stops again which wasn’t great. Personal overhead lights didn’t work so had to try to sleep as soon as the lights went off at leaving at 7.30pm or had nothing to do. Got to Bangkok about 5am but it wasn’t advertised that there was multiple stops in Bangkok to get off otherwise we would have gotten off earlier than the southern bus station. Overall okay service but probably not worth the price without the meal provided.
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2019年8月31日
So great!!! The bus was super comfy
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2019年8月29日
Perfectly organized trip! We were picked up super early, had a nice sunset view on the ferry, got food while we waited for the bus, the bus seats had enough space, we got a nice fleece blanket that's big enough to cover your entire body. Everything was very well organized, all facilities were super clean, staff super friendly. And I must say, excellent customer service from 12go Asia. I wrote them an email because our bungalows weren't listed in the drop down menu of the pick up places and they responded within the day, added or bungalows and edited my booking confirmation with the new address. Tip top!!
轮渡 轮渡, Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่), 2019年8月28日
Perfect Good value for money
554 客户评论


在苏梅岛和曼谷之间旅行可选择 飞机, 公共汽车, 轮渡 和 厢型车的交通方式。
如果选择飞机,则票价高达THB 4,142;如果想要选择经济实惠的交通方式
,可以选择公共汽车+轮渡+厢型车,其票价为THB 24




1小时 15分钟,可抵达目的地。公共汽车+厢型车相对慢很多,需要19小时抵达


如果您选择Songserm (ส่งเสริม) 公共汽车+轮渡+厢型车从苏梅岛前往曼谷,票价可
低达THB 24。如果您购买Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส) 飞机票,则票价可高达
THB 4,142

苏梅岛和 曼谷之间每天有多少趟车或航班?

  • 3 乘坐 轮渡+公共汽车 从 苏梅岛 往 曼谷 最早从 13:30 Na Thon Koh Samui Songserm 到 19:30 Lipa Noi Koh Samui
  • 1 从 苏梅岛 往 曼谷 从最早 10:05 Suvarnabhumi Airport 到 18:20 Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • 1 乘坐 公共汽车+轮渡 从 苏梅岛 往 曼谷 最早从 19:30 Chaophya Park Hotel Ratchada 到 19:30 Chaophya Park Hotel Ratchada
  • 1 乘坐 公共汽车+轮渡+厢型车 从 苏梅岛 往 曼谷 最早从 11:30 Khao San 到 11:30 Khao San
  • 1 乘坐 公共汽车+厢型车 从 苏梅岛 往 曼谷 最早从 12:00 Mochit 到 12:00 Mochit
  • 1 乘坐 轮渡+厢型车 从 苏梅岛 往 曼谷 最早从 16:00 Koh Samui any hotel 到 16:00 Koh Samui any hotel
  • 1 乘坐 轮渡+厢型车+公共汽车 从 苏梅岛 往 曼谷 最早从 15:00 Na Thon Seatran Ferry Pier 到 15:00 Na Thon Seatran Ferry Pier
  • 1 从 苏梅岛 往 曼谷 开始从 16:00 Chaophya Park Hotel Ratchada 到 16:00 Chaophya Park Hotel Ratchada
  • 1 乘坐 厢型车+公共汽车 从 苏梅岛 往 曼谷 最早从 11:30 Koh Samui any hotel 到 11:30 Koh Samui any hotel
  • 1 乘坐 厢型车+轮渡 从 苏梅岛 往 曼谷 最早从 16:00 Koh Samui any hotel 到 16:00 Koh Samui any hotel
  • 1 乘坐 厢型车+轮渡+公共汽车 从 苏梅岛 往 曼谷 最早从 12:20 Koh Samui any hotel 到 12:20 Koh Samui any hotel




,您能以最低的价格THB 2,834购买到机票。


Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส)




Raja Ferry (ราชา เฟอร์รี่)



  • 20% 位决定乘坐飞机
  • 19% 位选择 轮渡+公共汽车
  • 14% 位选择 公共汽车+厢型车
  • 14% 位选择 轮渡+厢型车+公共汽车
  • 14% 位选择 厢型车+轮渡+公共汽车
  • 5% 位选择 公共汽车+轮渡
  • 5% 位选择 轮渡+厢型车
  • 5% 位乘坐客货车
  • 4% 位选择 厢型车+轮渡