Mae Nam到拷索

Mae Nam到拷索


Mae Nam去拷索日程表

Mae Nam去拷索日程表
Phantip Minivan 07:00 - 16:00฿ 690
Phantip Minivan 10:00 - 18:00฿ 690

Mae Nam和拷索之间的运输类型 从Mae Nam到拷索的交通

从 Mae Nam 到 拷索 ]的旅游胜地评论

公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2020年3月3日
Excellent service and helped us figure out any issues we had.
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2020年1月11日
very plesant journey.
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2020年1月8日
Minivan was only half full, so we had plenty of space, left and arrived nicely on time, perfect service.
出租车 舒适经济舱, Andaman Taxis, 2020年1月7日
Excellent. The driver helped us to arrange also the taxi boat to our floating lodge at the cheow Larn lake’s pier.
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2020年1月6日
Not completely clear what where and how it works and it was quite a bit later then asked for, but a decent mini van brought is where we wanted to go. Good value for money
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2020年1月3日
We expected a mini van and ended up on a packed double decker bus. On arrival at the airport we were informed that the bus was running late so ended up waiting for a extra 45 mins at the airport. The most annoying thing was paying for a extra seat for my bag and ended up it in between my legs because all the bags were pulled up piled high together like on the ferries. Journey was ok, it took 1 hour 45 but no communication until we arrived at the bus station in Khao Sok. I would do it again but wouldn’t pay for extra luggage.
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2020年1月2日
Train arrived in Surat Thani at 7.30 am; we had a reservation for a minivan at 8.30 am. We wanted to have some breakfast but at the Hat Yai tour office, nobody was in the kitchen. So we went to the neighbours from another company. They were working hard to provide the breakfastorders. People from Hat Yai almost screamed at us that we should sit in their office. Not very polite. We felt very much like cattle. While we were waiting for our breakfast, around 8.00 am, the people from Hat Yai told us our minivan would leave soon. So when our breakfast arrived, we ate very quickly. Only to wait for 10 more minutes before our minivan left, just before 8.30 am. All in all, not a very positive experience.
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年12月22日
We couldn’t sit together, the bus had to stop a lot times and also delivered packages along the road... and was expensive.
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年12月22日
Nice service, efficient reservation, good on time trip. The driver drived too fast...
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年12月18日
Train was relatively on time! 4-stars because the sheets on one of our beds had some mysterious yellow stains on them.
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年12月16日
Crazy fast driver. We were scared to death.
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年12月7日
We scheduled a van on 8.30. Bit we could join another van half an hour earlier.
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年11月30日
Although we came at the meeting point too late ( our flight was delayed) - 12go was waiting for ????
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年11月28日
Weird communication, bus driver stoppen 3/4 times to get some personal groceries along the way.
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年11月24日
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年11月17日
Very well organized
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年11月15日
Hectic but it works
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年11月11日
Delay of train from Bangkok 2 hours; still waiting for us!
出租车 舒适经济舱, Andaman Taxis, 2019年11月10日
Chauffeur was attent, stond een flesje water klaar. De taxi zag er prachtig uit!
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年11月5日
Trip good
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年11月3日
Van was ok, quick and driver was ok but a bit chaotic to get to the van
出租车 舒适经济舱, Andaman Taxis, 2019年11月2日
Excellent service. Easy to book, driver was on time and journey very comfortable
出租车 舒适经济舱, Andaman Taxis, 2019年10月24日
Got a free upgrade, i am 6,5 and the offerd me some extra legroom. So thanks to air asia!!
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年10月24日
Pleasant trip
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年9月12日
It was no probleem that the train arriveer 2,5 jours later!
出租车 9 座客货车, Andaman Taxis, 2019年8月10日
Driver ready at the airport. He was very friendly, helpful and thoughtful.
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年8月9日
Prima goedkoop vervoersmiddel. De airco is 's avonds fris, daar hadden we al rekening mee gehouden. Een lange broek en t- shirt met lange mouwen was aangenaam. Ook hebben ze dekens. Ik heb onderin met mijn dochter van 5 jaar gelegen. Dit was voor ons goed te doen.
出租车 9 座客货车, Andaman Taxis, 2019年8月8日
Perfect transfer. Quiet, patient and polite driver. Did not make a fuss about our 5 quarters delay because of the train
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年8月8日
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年8月5日
Driver was 45 minutes late. The day before we took the bus from the airport because we needed to go to the bus station where our hotel was. The people near the airport said that we must take the bus for 100bht per person. The bus driver never went to the station but to the Center of Surat Thani even further from the station. After we had to get out, within 2 seconds there was a tuktuk driver who charged us way too much and already knew from the gut who set us up that we needed to get to the station. So... we haven’t got very good experiences with Phantip 1970 or whatever!
出租车 9 座客货车, Andaman Taxis, 2019年7月31日
The driver waited for more than one hour gecasseerd the train was late. Very nice!
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年7月30日
Chaotic organisation. Not clear when we could leave.
出租车 舒适经济舱, Andaman Taxis, 2019年7月30日
Friendly driver, helpfull. Quick pick up and we arrived a little bit earlier than expected. Very good!
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年7月30日
Nice trip by mini van.
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年7月29日
The trip was quick and efficient. Good driver. The bus was rather full with all the luggage, but it was ok. When we arrived in Khao Sok, we passed our hotel, but the driver did not stop, although he knew that we were staying there. He dropped us at the meeting point and if we paid extra, he would bring us to our hotel. I would have liked if he had dropped us before, since I travelled with kids.
出租车 舒适经济舱, Andaman Taxis, 2019年7月29日
Car was super comfy and driver excellent ????????????
出租车 9 座客货车, Andaman Taxis, 2019年7月27日
Nice driver, aware of the fact we might be thirsty and hungry, so offering to stop at a 7-11. Big luxureous car, felt like a king
出租车 9 座客货车, Andaman Taxis, 2019年7月26日
Perfect on time. Car and driver were excellent.
出租车 9 座客货车, Andaman Taxis, 2019年7月24日
it was perfect. when we arriverd the driver stand with our name in his hand . we used the backdoor from the airport. with manny thanks.
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年7月18日
After a train delay I missed my scheduled van and the lovely staff let me hop on the next one without extra charge.
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年7月18日
Our trein was to late more than 1,5 hour. We called the touristoffice that we not arrivé on time. When we arrived their was for us no mini van. Other toerists from the train stepped in special toerist bus and mini van en we stayed behind. We were the last ones and after more than 1,5 hour the mini van arrived. We payed for 4 persons and their was place for 3. They taked locals in the bus also. At last we can sit al four of us
公共汽车 小巴, Phantip 1970 (พันทิพย์ 1970), 2019年7月18日
Everything organised bus in time at the airport, but waiting after 30mn at meeting point. Good driver, safe. Arrival not in the place located on the map. More 200 bath to arrive at the enter of the parc !
出租车 舒适经济舱, Andaman Taxis, 2019年7月10日
Fantastic driver
出租车 9 座客货车, Andaman Taxis, 2019年7月9日
Very ncr driver, good big van. Driver was waiting for us by the gate. Very well organized
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从拷索前往Mae Nam, 的距离为219千米。

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乘坐商务车从Mae Nam, 前往拷索需要花费8小时 – 9小时小时。
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乘坐商务车从Mae Nam, 前往拷索需要花费THB 690
THB 690。Phantip (บริษัท พันทิพย์ ทราเวล (1970))是该线路最便宜的运营商,而
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