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轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2020年3月17日
Bonne organisation mais traversée compliquée ....
轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2020年3月3日
It says 3.5hrs but actually it took 5.5hrs. And the ferry was shaking a lot. Many people vomited. Terrible.
轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2020年2月25日
Not great at all. Some of the staff on board are nice but the boat is really old and there were lots of flies. The sea sickness was awful. About 50% of people were throwing up! I’d recommend getting a more expensive boat where you’d be more comfortable. The toilets were horrible and water would somehow leak in?
轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2020年2月22日
Well... the time of departure at 8h20am is convenient and that's pretty much it... It is indeed an old boat and you are in the lower deck with no air. It's a very rocky/bumpy ride and a lot of people got sick. The crew provided sickness bags. Good advice take medications for seasickness with you and warm clothes but for once the A.C. is not that cold. And yes the boat was late is was almost 5 hours and not 4 and you wait until they unload the luggages... If you want an early but not as early the 6am ferry and are not subject to seasickness it is okay... otherwise take a flight or the afternoon ferry.
轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2020年2月21日
The ferry started on time and the boarding process was quite smooth. The folks at the ferry terminal and their office are very helpful but... The ferry seats are located below the deck and are very uncomfortable for a 4.5 hour journey. On our trip a number of people felt sick and had to repeatedly use the sea sickness bags. Not sure whether the other options are any better but in general is a very bad experience for such a long journey.
轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2020年2月15日
Too cramped for tall people (my height is 6.1) Water dripping on the seat continually Too crowded And very Expensive. I could give 500-1000peso more next time and go in a flight instead
轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2020年1月29日
Pas confortable, départ en retard.
轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2020年1月29日
Can get choppy at times when at full speed. Departed and arrived at close to scheduled times. Would of liked to see water dispenser
轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2020年1月26日
Ferry was late by more than 5 hours from Coron.
轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2020年1月20日
The ship is old, it was very sickly, the air conditioning did not work, cockroaches ran, they were late with arrival
轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2020年1月16日
the boat smelled of diesel oil and it arrived two hours late
轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2020年1月10日
Crowded, seats way to close to each other. If you are over 190cm, it is almost impossible to sit without getting your knees smashed in the seat in front of you. We were told that the ac was very cold and that we should wear warm clothes. The ac was almost none existing. It was so warm and humid!
轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2020年1月7日
Worse!! Never again. They don't mind the waves being strong, they still run the boat very fast. We all puked inside because of it. They provided the plastic bags when a lot of the guests can't manage to go the the restroom because the lines are getting long. It was not well ventilated as well (I guess that's one factor). The crew should've been more concerned with the welfare of the guests than meeting the expected time arrival considering the situation. Shame to us Filipinos for letting foreigners experience such.
轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2020年1月3日
So so so seasick
轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2020年1月2日
It takes 5hr from el nido to coron more than the website said 4 hr.
轮渡 高速游轮, Phimal Fast Ferry, 2019年12月30日
If you get seasickness make sure you take some medication beforehand