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巴纳韦 - 马尼拉
马尼拉 - 巴纳韦
21:00, 22:00
马尼拉 - 伊富高
21:00, 21:30
碧瑶 - 巴纳韦
巴纳韦 - 碧瑶
碧瑶 - 伊富高
伊富高 - 碧瑶

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公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2020年2月29日
Le manque de confort dans le bus mais surtout la climatisation a fond qui rend le voyage tres pénible. Impossible de dormir dans le froid.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2020年2月22日
It was not bus, but freezer.????
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2020年2月19日
Le bus n etait pas du tout confortable, ancien modèle des bus Ohayami. Contrairement a celui prit pour Banaue à l aller qui était neuf,en revanche il faisait moins froid.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2020年1月27日
Ride ok. We arrived 1.hour earlier. Seats not very comfortable. Bus stops at really crappy places for breaks.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2020年1月20日
Departure time will not follow, it gives me lot of time to wait
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2020年1月15日
Surpris !! Nous nous attendions vu les commentaires à un bus vétuste et des retards..... Le bus était neuf, très ponctuel. Il y fait toujours froid et lz conduite est effrayante mais la prestation est meilleure que celle de Coda lines ( bus pris à l aller)
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年12月14日
All right
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年12月1日
Why thé bus terminal at manilla is not at cubao or pasai?
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年11月29日
It wasn’t the most comfy bus but gets you there.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年11月28日
It was a good travel. The seats are confortable. The bus arrive at time. We travel during the night, and we make two stops to go to the toilet and eat something.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年11月9日
The trip was save and good in time, but the seat 44was maximal uncomfortable
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年11月6日
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年10月16日
There were stops for toilets and snacks, but the bus was old and we didn't have control over the broken air condition so it was cold (even with a sweatshirt). There were many stops for picking up locals which was a little bit annoying.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年10月6日
Good night trip, congratulationns to the bus driver.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年8月5日
Too hot and smelly sa bus.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年6月3日
before time in manila, good, but some seats were a little bit broken, because you could not change how it was
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年5月21日
Not comfortable ride. More passengers then seats, they put them on extra seats, plastic chears in the corridor of the bus.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年5月15日
Bus was on time, driver was driving safe. 3 stops were more than enough, also time to buy some food/drinks and go to the bathroom. Advice: Do not put the A/C this low, can be very very cold! Also not really a sleep bus, just a regular simple bus.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年4月30日
Pas de bus dispo car trop de touristes alors que nous avions nos ticket. Trajet fait en van Mal installé Pas d information. Heureusement que quelqu de ma compagnie attendait devant.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年4月20日
Aircon much too Cold. Seats Are Very Very small and uncomfortable.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年4月17日
Aircon much too cold, even with warm clothes on. Should hand out blankets. Driver was driving like crazy for the first part, made me feel sick.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年4月13日
The driver needs to learn more patience and needs to show his passengers more fucking respect. Driving like an idiot does not give anyone confidence in completing the journey.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年3月15日
The driver was awful. He drove too fast. Besides my seat was broken and I couldn’t lay.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年2月26日
We made two bookings. first time we booked, it was cancelled 5 days before our trabel where everything is booked and planned. caused us really panic and inconvenience. the second is finally accepted. the bus is belpw expectation. not that cold and there is an irking sound but we arrived completely safe.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年2月23日
The bus not comfortable at all
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年2月19日
Very early arrival, long wait for check-in
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年1月12日
Our bus eas really old and seats was so small. And BUS was really cold. We asked to turn down airconditioner but they did not.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2019年1月10日
Bus left on time Not very comfortable (Seats not far down) 2 stops is ok Bus had a defect but drivers could fix it... pretty fast while it looked very serious to me.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2018年12月6日
Same experience as in the other recenses - slippery seats are not comfortable and when leaned from upright position they send you downward; on the official photos you cannot see that rows are in fact occupied by 5 passengers
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2018年10月27日
Too cold air condition
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2018年10月25日
Really cold air conditioning. Other things were OK.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2018年8月16日
A little bit old bus, but comfortable. The aircon is always too cold.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2018年5月1日
Horrible seats. Couldn't sleep at all
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2018年4月26日
Window was leaking because of the rain. My chair and stuff completely wet. No action taken. Very loud people in the bus, hard to sleep.
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2018年4月9日
Based on the previous reviews I had read, I was pleasantly surprised. Based on bus journeys in India and South America this was pretty comfortable. It was just a standard bus with no toilet. Air con was ok. They stopped for two toilet breaks and wifi worked. We left and arrived later than scheduled but I have come to expect that. Just expect a standard basic coach and that is what you will get
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2018年3月8日
Could not recline seats on bus but did have Aircon
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2018年3月8日
Air con bus
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2018年3月7日
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2018年2月19日
The bus was quite comfortable (pop-up aisle seats would not have been though) but very cold aircon - wear very warm clothes. Bus arrived early (6.40am rather than 8am) and made 2 stops so it wasn't a problem not having a toilet on board. When you arrive you get dropped at a bus station a way out of Banaue and here you get targeted by people selling you over-priced hikes and tours (apparently Coda Lines drops off right outside the Tourist Info which reduces this problem).
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2018年1月28日
It get you there however, they do stop throughout journey to pick up locals which can get confusing. The free wifi is good although doesn't always work. The seats aren't particularly comfortable and it can get quite cold on the coach. You get what you pay for I guess...
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2018年1月26日
The overall experience was fine. The seats are comfy to a point and the air con can get cold. Would advise bringing layers to put on. On arrival you leave at the top of banaue and I would advise having a hotel pick up waiting for you...
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2018年1月14日
The comfort Is ok, many stops fór snack. But temperature in The bus Is horrible. Why they can not regulate AC?
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2018年1月7日
Comparing to Coda Lines is really bad... for the same price the trip is by far really worse. Sits cannot move, stops so many times, really full, drivers don’t tell you anything about minutes of stops or something....
公共汽车 城际列车, Ohayami Trans, 2017年2月14日
Es war ein neuer Bus, der bequem war. Zeitlich war auch alles super.