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Transportation from Manila to Sagada

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Manila to Sagada Destination Reviews

Bus Deluxe, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Feb 28, 2020
The travel from QC to Sagada went fine. I was able to sleep well during the 11-hour ride. There were two stopovers for grabbing quick late-night meal or snack and for restroom breaks. It was so convenient. I might travel through this means again. Thank you.
Bus Super Deluxe, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Feb 7, 2020
I was expecting more for a super deluxe ride. I was thinking more like a lazy boy type of chairs and more leg room just like JOYBUS premier buses. Super deluxe can just pass for deluxe type. Though we arrive to sagada 4hrs earlier than expected.
Bus Deluxe, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Jan 26, 2020
speedan haha
Bus Super Deluxe, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Jan 18, 2020
It was much better than I expected reading the comments. The journey took 10 hours, it was comfortable even for me being 6 inches 3 feet tall. It got colder inside when the outside temperature lowered after a few hours of driving but if you should be prepared for that wearing warmer clothes. I took super deluxe bus. Not the cheapest option but I can really recommend.
Bus Deluxe, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Jan 17, 2020
Everything was fine,we arrived safely and that is what matters the most. I was a bit uncomfortable in my seat because the person in front of me seemed to have forgotten that somebody was behind him, he was sleeping comfortably anyway it wasn't coda lines' fault. It would have been nice to have some blankets though
Bus Super Deluxe, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Jan 9, 2020
Bus Deluxe, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Dec 27, 2019
The trip was faster than expected. We only got it 9 hours instead of 12 as what has been estimated hours of travel. The ticketing staff and bus crew were efficient. Only that the bus has no wifi or TV for passengers entertainment . I hope the company will consider it especially that it is usually not easy to get sleep while on travel. But then it was wonderful trip with CODA... CODA is COOL. Thank you .. Just keep all your tours safe and comfortable.
Bus Super Deluxe, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Nov 25, 2019
Extra blankets for guests would be plus :)
Bus Express, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Nov 15, 2019
Not much leg room, bus arrived 2 hours late in Sagada!
Bus Express, Coda Lines (Coda Lines), Nov 12, 2019
Hassle-free trip to Sagada. And very much ontime! ♡
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How to get from Manila to Sagada

Travelling between Manila and Sagada is possible by bus. At the moment it is the only option available for this route.

How far is Manila from Sagada?

Travelling by land the distance between Manila and Sagada is 357 km while it is about 275 km as the crow flies.

How long does it take to get from Manila to Sagada?

Travelling by bus between Manila and Sagada, expect to spend about 11 hours.

How much does it cost to get from Manila to Sagada?

bus tickets for Manila - Sagada route will set you back about PHP 1,209. To ensure the best price, buy tickets in advance.

How many trips per day are there between Manila and Sagada?

Buses from Manila to Sagada ride 1 times a day.

Useful tips for travelling between Manila and Sagada by bus

To get from Manila to Sagada your choice is limited to a single transportation option but it does not mean you cannot make your trip as comfortable as possible. Check our simple hints to avoid disappointment during your travel.


Useful tips for bus travellers:

  • For a more comfortable ride opt for a higher-class bus wherever possible. These buses usually have soft reclining seats and are equipped with air-conditioning and on-board toilets.
  • Water, snacks or a light lunch may be included into your ticket price.
  • Not all buses feature toilets on-board but scare not - they make bathroom stops en-route.

Companies operating bus routes between Manila and Sagada

Coda Lines.

How many travellers choose to get from Manila to Sagada by bus?

We have sold bus tickets to 1763 passengers. Some of them left reviews on their trip above on this page. Check travellers' reviews to get prepared. They are always the most useful and reliable source of information.