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Transportation from El Nido to Coron

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El Nido to Coron Destination Reviews

Ferry High Speed Ferry, Montenegro Lines (Montenegro Lines), Sep 8, 2020
I ordered the tickets for April... and due to Covid i couldn't travel to Philippines... so I requested refund and they didn't pay me back... they are ROBBERS
Ferry Open-Air, Jomalia Shipping, Mar 26, 2020
Due to coronavirus the gouvernement has closed the island so i couldnt go to palawan so i wanted to cancel my booking and getting a refund But the ferry company didnt allow me to get a refund so i am angry and rate it low
Ferry High Speed Ferry, Montenegro Lines (Montenegro Lines), Mar 18, 2020
We were delayed and should have been a little organize at the dock with passengers baggage.
Ferry High Speed Ferry, Montenegro Lines (Montenegro Lines), Mar 8, 2020
Ferry High Speed Ferry, Montenegro Lines (Montenegro Lines), Mar 5, 2020
Nice cabin. Smooth sailing. Just no system of 1st come 1st serve. Been at the terminal since 4am, others since 2am but those who came later got assisted first during ticketing
Ferry High Speed Ferry, Montenegro Lines (Montenegro Lines), Mar 4, 2020
The boat was on time and luckily not much passengers. We can sit anywhere we wanted. The boat seems can withstand huge waves. Feels like being in a submarine when the boat battled with the waves and the water was leaking inside.
Ferry High Speed Ferry, Phimal Fast Ferry, Mar 3, 2020
It says 3.5hrs but actually it took 5.5hrs. And the ferry was shaking a lot. Many people vomited. Terrible.
Ferry High Speed Ferry, Phimal Fast Ferry, Feb 25, 2020
Not great at all. Some of the staff on board are nice but the boat is really old and there were lots of flies. The sea sickness was awful. About 50% of people were throwing up! I’d recommend getting a more expensive boat where you’d be more comfortable. The toilets were horrible and water would somehow leak in?
Ferry High Speed Ferry, Phimal Fast Ferry, Feb 22, 2020
Well... the time of departure at 8h20am is convenient and that's pretty much it... It is indeed an old boat and you are in the lower deck with no air. It's a very rocky/bumpy ride and a lot of people got sick. The crew provided sickness bags. Good advice take medications for seasickness with you and warm clothes but for once the A.C. is not that cold. And yes the boat was late is was almost 5 hours and not 4 and you wait until they unload the luggages... If you want an early but not as early the 6am ferry and are not subject to seasickness it is okay... otherwise take a flight or the afternoon ferry.
Ferry High Speed Ferry, Phimal Fast Ferry, Feb 21, 2020
The ferry started on time and the boarding process was quite smooth. The folks at the ferry terminal and their office are very helpful but... The ferry seats are located below the deck and are very uncomfortable for a 4.5 hour journey. On our trip a number of people felt sick and had to repeatedly use the sea sickness bags. Not sure whether the other options are any better but in general is a very bad experience for such a long journey.
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How to get from El Nido to Coron

Travelling between El Nido and Coron is possible by ferry. At the moment it is the only option available for this route.

How far is El Nido from Coron?

Travelling by land the distance between El Nido and Coron is 272 km while it is about 129 km as the crow flies.

How long does it take to get from El Nido to Coron?

Travelling by ferry between El Nido and Coron, expect to spend about 4 hours.

How much does it cost to get from El Nido to Coron?

ferry tickets for El Nido - Coron route will set you back about PHP 2,870. To ensure the best price, buy tickets in advance.

How many trips per day are there between El Nido and Coron?

Flights from El Nido to Coron are operated 1 times a day.
Ferries depart from El Nido to Coron 1 times a day.

Useful tips for travelling between El Nido and Coron by ferry

To get from El Nido to Coron your choice is limited to a single transportation option but it does not mean you cannot make your trip as comfortable as possible. Check our simple hints to avoid disappointment during your travel.


Useful tips for air travellers:

  • Note that some of the airlines may have restrictions on checked luggage weight or require paying extra for check-in, choosing seats or transportation of oversized luggage.
  • Remember to calculate the time you will spend getting to and from the airports as well as the waiting time before your flight, getting through immigration in case of an international flight and recovering your checked luggage.
  • In certain cases all these procedures can add no less than 5 hours to your total travel time.

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How many travellers choose to get from El Nido to Coron by ferry?

We have sold ferry tickets to 566 passengers. Some of them left reviews on their trip above on this page. Check travellers' reviews to get prepared. They are always the most useful and reliable source of information.