Bangkok to Koh Phangan

Bangkok to Koh Phangan

Bangkok to Koh Phangan Schedule

Bangkok to Koh Phangan Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Thai AirAsia Economy #FD323507:15 - 08:30฿ 1,611
Raja Ferry Ferry 08:20 - 13:30฿ 547
Songserm Express 13:45 - 18:45฿ 1,611
Transport Co Express 16:00 - 03:08฿ 547
Montanatip Express 19:00 - 10:30฿ 1,173
Lomprayah VIP 21:00 - 10:45฿ 1,550

Transportation from Bangkok to Koh Phangan

Bangkok to Koh Phangan Destination Reviews

There were sleeping chairs with enough space for a tall person. Water, biscuits, blanket and cushion are provided.
Bus VIP 24, Krungsiam Tour (กรุงสยามทัวร์), Aug 17, 2022
Bus was comfortable (allthough a pretty old one) and we arrived on time. Everyone was provided a blanket, a small bottle of water and a small bag of chips. Staff was really friendly. Will book again!
Ferry Express, Montanatip (Montanatip), Aug 17, 2022
perfect smooth on time, only issue offline tickets on the spot are cheaper than advance booked online tickets .
Ferry Express, Montanatip (Montanatip), Aug 15, 2022
Very comfortable! Just wear warm clothes because of the AC (I don’t know why it has to be that cold). We had to wait quite a bit for our ferry but that was all good! I’ll book with them again!
Ferry VIP, Lomprayah (ลมพระยา), Aug 15, 2022
Everything was super smooth until we got to surrat Thani and then we had to get on three separate vehicles which included loading and unloading our bags each time. After traveling all night we were already exhausted and this was confusing and didn’t seem necessary.
Bus VIP 24, Krungsiam Tour (กรุงสยามทัวร์), Aug 10, 2022
Trip was good. It was hard to sleep because we had many loud children around us, but the first night bus was very comfortable… the second bus, which should have been a minibus, but was like an old normal bus, was not that comfortable, but it was okay, we just spent one or one and a half hour in it. The ferry was not that clean but the seats were very comfortable. Sometimes the organisers were a little bit stressed, but still friendly and we always felt safe during the trip. :)
Ferry Express, Montanatip (Montanatip), Aug 10, 2022
We were a group of 11 friends and we’re all sitted next to each other which was great, every step was on time, we stopped at midnight in restaurant and had snacks and water provided. Well organized and supeeeer comfortable bus !
Bus VIP 24, Krungsiam Tour (กรุงสยามทัวร์), Aug 7, 2022
No complaints about the ticketing service at all, everything is good, fast, good value and route selection. Comfortable information on the route, clarifications, important details of the trip! Well done!!! There are questions about the rules of transportation in the country, too complicated schemes for exchanging some tickets or reservations for others and thirds. I understand that the reservation system in the country has not yet been digitized, and in the old way keep it in the logbooks. Because of this for the first time there is a misunderstanding of what needs to be done and what the rules are. Although all the staff on the way responsive and explain the necessary steps. Transport on the track corresponds to the descriptions from the website. Read reviews and comments to find more important information about important trip details
Bus VIP 24, Krungsiam Tour (กรุงสยามทัวร์), Jul 18, 2022
Comfortable, very good service. Would use again.
Bus VIP 24, Krungsiam Tour (กรุงสยามทัวร์), Jul 17, 2022
Arrived too early at chumpeon and must wait 2 hours to go on boat...should have leave later from bangkok.
Ferry VIP, Lomprayah (ลมพระยา), Jul 15, 2022
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How to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan

Travelling between Bangkok and Koh Phangan is possible by Flight, bus, ferry, train and van. Flight+ferry guarantees the fastest travel on this route. Train+bus+ferry is the slowest option.

The most expensive ticket will cost you USD 130.97 if you go by flight+Ferry; to keep it budget-friendly, opt for a bus+van which will set you back mere USD 29.89.

How long does it take to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan?

It can take you anywhere between 2 and 21 hours to travel between Bangkok and Koh Phangan depending on the means of transport you choose.

Flight+ferry is the fastest way to travel between Bangkok and Koh Phangan. Flight+ferry will bring you to your destination in 2h. Train+bus+ferry does a much slower job and take about 20h 25m to reach Koh Phangan.

How much does it cost to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan?

Travelling between Bangkok and Koh Phangan can be as cheap as USD 29.89 if you opt for a Songserm (ส่งเสริม) bus+van and as expensive as USD 130.97 if you buy a Bangkok Air (บางกอกแอร์เวย์ส), Lomprayah (ลมพระยา) flight+Ferry ticket.

Here is the list of how much you can expect to pay travelling by each means of transport available for this route.

How many trips per day are there between Bangkok and Koh Phangan ?

  • 1674 by flight+Bus+Ferry from Bangkok to Koh Phangan starting from 07:15 Don Mueang Airport until 07:15 Don Mueang Airport
  • 5 by Bus+Ferry from Bangkok to Koh Phangan starting from 16:00 Southern Terminal until 19:00 Southern Terminal
  • 1 by Bus+Ferry+Van from Bangkok to Koh Phangan starting from 19:00 Khao San Montanatip until 19:00 Khao San Montanatip
  • 1 by Ferry+Train from Bangkok to Koh Phangan starting from 19:30 Hua Lamphong until 19:30 Hua Lamphong

Check above for a bus, train, flight and ferry timetable from Bangkok to Koh Phangan.

What mode of transportation is the best one for my route?


Vans are a great alternative - or, in many cases - your only option - if you need to travel overland within one and the same province or neighbouring provinces or states. Vans ply the roads between Bangkok and Koh Phangan, too.

Things to remember: When travelling by van with huge luggage buying a separate seat for your suitcase or backpack is a good idea. Do not expect there is a roomy luggage compartment in a van - there is actually none and your fellow passengers are unlikely to appreciate your luggage stuck under their feet, alas.

Companies operating vans between Bangkok and Koh Phangan

Songserm (ส่งเสริม)

What is the most popular transport to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan?

There is a choice of transportation means any time of the day with flight+Bus remaining the most popular option due to their reasonable pricing and comfort.

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