Flights from Prague (PRG) to Budapest (BUD)

Flights from Prague (PRG) to Budapest (BUD)

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Prague to Budapest Avia Schedule

Prague to Budapest Avia Schedule
Transport NameRoute TimePrice
Union Ivkoni International Standard AC 00:30 - 08:00CZK 820
SmartWings Economy #QS111405:10 - 08:20$ 223.38
FlixBus Economy 07:40 - 15:11CZK 1,183
Wizz Air Economy 08:20 - 10:45CZK 2,101
Arda Tur Standard AC 11:00 - 20:00CZK 698
Tarom Economy 12:45 - 08:45CZK 5,785
Arda Tur Standard AC 15:00 - 23:40$ 31.89
Wizz Air Economy 16:55 - 10:05CZK 4,118
Dmd Group Standard AC 18:00 - 02:00CZK 536
Vueling Economy 21:30 - 23:55CZK 2,824
FlixBus Economy 23:59 - 06:15CZK 471

Transportation from Prague to Budapest

How to get from Prague to Budapest by plane

Flight from Prague to Budapest is the fastest way to travel between these two destinations. The number of departures a day may vary. The following airlines will help you get from Prague to Budapest by flight: Wizz Air.

Booking your ticket online in advance is a good strategy for grabbing the best deals, especially if you are ready to consider low-cost airlines – they often sell promotional tickets at astonishingly low prices if you buy months ahead. If you choose to fly with a budget air company, do check their rules and requirements as well as other travellers’ reviews, as there are considerable differences between scheduled and budget carriers in the sense of luggage allowances and perks included in the standard fare. In certain cases, you may end up paying more with budget flights if add all those things which come for granted with the scheduled one.

Remember that you will need your valid ID to board a plane. In the case of an international flight, you will need to produce your passport.

How far is Prague from Budapest?

Prague sits 250 km from Budapest as the crow flies. Normally planes follow the shortest route possible, though in recent years, due to some political turmoil in certain regions, the skies may be closed for civil aircraft. It pays to check the situation in advance as it can change very quickly.

How long does it take to fly from Prague to Budapest?

A direct or connecting flight from Prague to Budapest normally takes between 15h 20m and 15h 20m, no matter what airline you fly with. Travelling by air between the two is a whisk compared to overland options. Yet do not forget to add the travel time you will spend to get to and from the airport both at departure and destination, as well as the time for check-in, going through security checks and immigration in case of international flights, and waiting for your luggage. If flying locally, it is enough to arrive at the terminal about 90 minutes before departure; international flights leave between two and three hours for passenger congestion.

Flights do leave on schedule, but delays and cancellations are not unheard of. Flights are weather dependent, and during busy periods you can also hit congestion on the runway.

How much does it cost to get from Prague to Budapest by flight?

The most budget-friendly way to fly from Prague to Budapest is to grab a ticket during one of the major seat sales which different airlines run quite frequently. To do that, you must plan your journey well in advance.

Besides the route and the airline, the price of your ticket will depend on the class of the seat, as well as on the season you fly, the day of the week, the time of the day, the extras included in your rate – meals, checked-in luggage, etc.

The lowest standard fare for this route is USD 172.41 offered by Wizz Air. If you are ready to shell out USD 172.41, you can fly with Wizz Air.

Travelling by air essentials

  • The earlier you buy your plane tickets, the higher the chances of scoring the best airfare. Nothing new here. Following the accounts of the airlines on social media may help here as very often they run flash sales or announce deals there. Also, the members of airlines’ frequent flier programs often are the first to get access to the best deals, so you may want to join one or more of such programs, especially if you are on the go.
  • Low-cost airlines are a great budget-friendly way to travel, but you should remember that many of them use secondary airports either farther from the centre or simply less convenient. Sometimes it takes much longer to get to/from these airports than from the ones used by the scheduled flights and pricier as there may be no public transport except taxi. And taxi will most probably offer inflated rates – well, they know you will agree to go anyway as there are no other options. So do check these points before you book your low-cost airline ticket. If you plan to use connecting flights, always check whether they are operated to/from the same airport or terminal.
  • Many budget air-carriers do not include any checked-in luggage or inflight meals in your air ticket price. It is wise to check what is included and what is not in advance. It is always cheaper to buy any extras you may need before the flight as at the airport or on board you will be offered higher prices. This especially refers to the luggage – quite often it is twice as expensive if bought at the airport at check-in.
  • Online check-in is now a must with many low-cost airlines. If failing to check-in online or at a self-check-in kiosk, you will have to pay extra for checking-in at the counter.
  • If you are travelling in a group and want to keep your party together, paying for the ‘choosing the seats’ option is a good idea. Otherwise the system will assign you seats scattered around the cabin. Yes, sounds unfair but it is what you will most probably get.
  • Blankets are usually not distributed on short haul flights but air-conditioning may be excessive. So pack layers to feel comfortable. Bring on board a lip balm, eye and nose drops, moisturizing hand cream – all these will help your skin remain hydrated during the flight in a very dry cabin air. Taking off your shoes and putting on socks instead will make you more comfortable, especially if you are prone to swelling. And do not forget to drink water during the flight – it is either sold or available free of charge.
  • Do not throw away your boarding pass after boarding – it may be required to show it at the immigration at your destination if you fly internationally and sometimes even after domestic flights at luggage claim.