Buses from Manila to Legazpi

Buses from Manila to Legazpi

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Transportation from Manila to Legazpi

Manila to Legazpi destination reviews

Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo, Feb 24, 2020
Unable to recline seat
Bus Regular, Isarog Line, Jan 21, 2020
No actual terminal. We need to walk to the middle of the highway to get into the bus. No CR in the ticketing office too. Well other than that, basically it's still good there's an office there to accommodate passengers.
Bus Economy Non AC, Legaspi St Jude Transport Lines, Jan 4, 2020
all ok
Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo, Dec 27, 2019
The perks of online booking is convenience. I didn't get that much of a convenience from this trip, much more, customer service was below par. Busy season maybe? It does not justify though. Next time, it should help to accommodate. What for that this is an online booking. Imagine looking for a computer shop for 30 mins...walking around an unfamiliar Pasay rotonda to have the ticket printed when the pdf is downloaded on my phone. If not for Penafrancia Tours, which allows print screen, I could have known better that DLTB would not allow. I think, be consistent also on the rules.
Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo, Dec 26, 2019
Bus was delayed by more than an hour. In the end, I opted to join a supposedly later bus (original trip was 845, joined the 10pm bus because my bus was super delayed) in a less than ideal seat (last row, pretty bouncy) just to get on with my travel. Not sure what time my original bus arrived. Granted it was during the Christmas holiday, but it was a big hassle.
Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo, Dec 26, 2019
Hassle-free booking and I was given my ticket immediately once I presented my voucher. Their customer service is also very responsive.
Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo, Dec 24, 2019
Traffic bad due to road work
Bus Skybus WC, Penafrancia Tours, Dec 20, 2019
Huge delay, seats on the bus much less comfortable than expected, no water in the WC, somebody else was sitting on my seat but the conductor didn't care
Bus Elite, Isarog Line, Dec 12, 2019
Bus Sleeper, Isarog Line, Dec 1, 2019
I booked a 20:00 to 9:40 trip to Legazpi as it was perfect for my 11am to 1pm engagement. We arrived Legazpi at almost 1pm! That's a 3 hour delay from the estimated time of arrival which is insane. I saw a review which said that the sleeper's space was uncomfortable and he/she was only 5'6". I'm almost 6 feet. I'll let your imagination handle that one. Still thankful for safely arriving in Legazpi though, but I'm not riding this bus line again.
Bus Regular, Isarog Line, Dec 1, 2019
The bus was 1.5 hours late. The bus ride was good, the airco could have been less cold.
Bus Elite, Penafrancia Tours, Nov 30, 2019
the bus was late. and the service charge is so high compared to the actual fare.
Bus Sleeper, Isarog Line, Nov 26, 2019
I got d upper “bed” nside d sleeper bus; space was small: i cant even sit straight as my head is already touching the ceiling yet im only 5’6. Seatbelt was short i cnt even locked it; im an average-size man. “Hallway” was small; 1 person can only pass at a time
Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo, Nov 25, 2019
The driver was rude as well as the conductor when my mother, who is a senior citizen ,was asking for help. Dispatcher was helpful.
Bus Lazyboy, DLTBCo, Nov 18, 2019
NOT IN PARTAS TERMINAL. HAD TO GO BACK TO EDSA DLTB TERMINAL. Also, what’s the use of booking online if you still have to queue with those without reservations just to get the physical ticket? Too much of a hassle. Never again DLTB and 12Go
Bus Elite, Penafrancia Tours, Nov 12, 2019
Just because online booking has no senior's discount
Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo, Nov 11, 2019
The email says I can simply give my booking number at the ticket counter. However, upon arrival, I was still asked for a PRINTED voucher. The lady asked me to find an internet shop to have my voucher printed and presented to them. I had to do it but since it was already late (around 8pm), all shops are closed. I had to go back to tell them I couldn’t print the voucher, and the lady relented and allowed me to just give my booking number. It was such a hassle. You should indicate in your email that a printed voucher is A MUST so we wouldn’t be surprised. The trip was okay, though, and was shorter than I expected. Thanks.
Bus Regular AC, DLTBCo, Nov 4, 2019
Sobrang tagal ng byahe and hassle sa pagkuha ng ticket. Kaya nga nag online booking para mabilis pero lalong matagal ma confirm.Good thing wala ako katabi sa upuan kaya kahit papanu comfortable ako.
Bus Lazyboy, DLTBCo, Nov 4, 2019
My son's seat was broken so he was uncomfortable the whole 14-hours ride from Manila to Legazpi in DLTB Bus#19M.
Bus Elite, Isarog Line, Oct 30, 2019
Great transport. The bus is clean and very comfortable. Bus driver bus staff are very nice. Thank you Bicol Isarog. We will definitely ride here again and again.
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How to get from Manila to Legazpi by bus

Though it may be not the fastest way of travel, it is quite possible to get from Manila and Legazpi by bus. With 18 daily departures between Manila and Legazpi on average, travelling by bus is a convenient and budget-friendly option.
The route is served by the following operators: DLTBCo.

How long does it take to get from Manila to Legazpi by bus?

Buses normally need between 12h 10m and 14h 40m hours to get to Legazpi from Manila. Note that the travel time is for your reference only and can depend on traffic and weather conditions. If travelling during major national holidays expect long delays.
DLTBCo offers the fastest service. DLTBCo buses usually take the longest time to complete the journey.

How much does it cost to get from Manila to Legazpi by bus?

Travelling by bus between Manila and Legazpi is an affordable option. The cheapest ticket is offered by DLTBCo and costs PHP 1,084. A DLTBCo's ticket will set you back PHP 1,516 on average.

Travelling by bus essentials

  • If planning to travel during high season, weekends or national holidays, it is highly recommended to book your bus tickets in advance.
  • VIP, 1st, Gold etc. bus tickets are more expensive but they provide a higher level of comfort and often include wide soft reclining seats and water and snacks or lunch.
  • Not all buses have an on-board toilet but normally for all trips longer three hours all operators schedule a bathroom and/or a lunch stop.
  • If you travel by an air-con bus, make sure to pack layers as air-conditioning on buses is often excessive.
  • To avoid being disturbed by overhead lights switched on during stops and too loud on-board entertaining system have earplugs and a sleeping mask.
  • Note that if bus requires refueling en-route, passengers will be asked to get off the bus.
  • Arrive to the bus station 20-30 minutes before departure to have enough time to find the departure platform.