Kadawatha Police Stn到加勒

Kadawatha Police Stn到加勒

0 旅行 (LKR 3,648 – LKR 3,850)  


Kadawatha Police Stn和加勒之间的运输类型 从Kadawatha Police Stn到加勒的交通

  • 火车
    LKR 3,634
  • 公共汽车不可用
  • 轮渡不可用
  • 飞机不可用
  • 出租车不可用

从 Kadawatha Police Stn 到 加勒 ]的旅游胜地评论

火车 #8056 一等座, Sri Lanka Railways, 2022年1月11日
I had paid for the tickets to be delivered to my Hotel in Colombo. But when I arrived I discovered there were no tickets. I had to call the office and after several calls from my international mobile phones, they confirmed they had my 2 sets of tickets in the office. They managed to deliver the tickets in time for our train just a couple of hours in advance. This was an anxious period I was was really disappointed with the local supplier performance. I just dont understand why they had not delivered the tickets.
火车 #8056 一等座, Sri Lanka Railways, 2022年1月5日
Great service and prompt delivery of tickets
火车 #8056 一等座, Sri Lanka Railways, 2022年1月1日
Tickets delivered to hotel, text updates sent confirming times. Very good and efficient
出租车 舒适经济舱, Stef Lanka Tours (Stef Lanka Tours), 2020年2月17日
Chandilka... was extremely helpful in finding our villa which had changed name ... Sri Lankan help personified. Would gladly recommend Chandilka. He must be part Scottish. Thank you. Nick
火车 #8056 一等座, Sri Lanka Railways, 2019年12月22日
Great communication via email and WhatsApp to organise this. Lovely train journey. I recommend using 12go.asia
火车 #8056 一等座, Sri Lanka Railways, 2019年12月3日
We have used 12go.asia on a number of occasions during this current trip through Asia and, until now, have been entirely satisfied with the service and booking process. However, it didn’t go so well for this trip. We made this booking on 1st April for a train journey which wasn’t taking place until 1st December. Whilst the receipt stated that they couldn’t guarantee getting exactly the trip and class that we requested, we figured that, given the amount of notice, 12go.asia would be on it on the day the tickets were released to ensure we got the ones we requested. We received communications on 7th November telling us that we hadn’t got the times we requested for either our outward or return journeys. We wanted an early outward journey and a late return and got the exact opposite, effectively losing two days of our stay in Galle. We were even more disappointed when we learnt from other travellers that they had purchased tickets for the trains we wanted from the railway station and first class were still available! There was also a lot of confusion as I was sent itineraries with different times and ending up getting very frustrated as I tried to work our exactly what trains we were actually on. The journey itself went very smoothly, the train was late departing Colombo and arriving into Galle but, as we were already 7 hours later than we wanted to be, this became irrelevant. The First Class carriage is very comfortable and the journey along the coast is very pretty.
火车 #8050 一等座, Sri Lanka Railways, 2019年10月5日
This review is based on the purchase of tickets and support provided by 12GoAsia. Unfortunately there was a country wide rail strike so we could not actually take the train. The support and communication provided by 12GoAsia was excellent. I would certainly use them again.
火车 #8050 一等座, Sri Lanka Railways, 2019年8月26日
The actual train trip was fantastic and there were no issues with the tickets provided by 12go once on board the train. However, we paid for the train tickets to be dropped off at our hotel in advance of our journey, minimising the stress of having to locate the 12go office. Despite numerous assurances that our train tickets would be delivered on time, they were not. Given our train journey was on Sunday and the office is closed, this caused considerable stress as to whether we should go to the 12go office/go to Colombo station to buy more tickets. 12go in fact assured us the tickets had been dropped off on the Friday, this was a lie. The tickets were safely delivered on Saturday much to our relief. Given that trying to locate anywhere in Colombo is difficult, we do have some sympathy. On the whole, would use again.
火车 #8050 一等座, Sri Lanka Railways, 2019年3月30日
Got the best seats in 1st class, our first views of Sei Lanka were fantastic. Good customer service from 12go. Thank you
火车 #8050 一等座, Sri Lanka Railways, 2019年3月19日
Lovely scenery. But do not expect 1 st class European standards
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如何从 Kadawatha Police Stn 往 加勒。

Kadawatha Police Stn 与 加勒 之间的旅行是可以通过乘坐 火车。 目前,这是此行程的唯一选择。

Kadawatha Police Stn 离 加勒 有多远?

从陆地出发, Kadawatha Police Stn 与 加勒 之间的距离是 141 公里,而直接飞行的距离大约是 108 公里。

需要多长时间才能从 Kadawatha Police Stn 往 加勒?

旅行乘坐 火车 来往 Kadawatha Police Stn 与 加勒, 预计花费约 3 小时。

从 Kadawatha Police Stn 往 加勒要花费多少钱?

火车 票的路线 Kadawatha Police Stn - 加勒 将使您花费多 LKR 3,850左右。 为了保证最优惠的价格,请提前购票。

来往 Kadawatha Police Stn 与 加勒 每天有多少次行程?

火车总是按规定的时间表运行 - 每天有 3 次行程。

乘坐 火车 来往 Kadawatha Police Stn 与 加勒 之旅行的有用提示。

要从 Kadawatha Police Stn 往 加勒, 您的选择仅限于单一的交通选择,但这并不意味着您不能使您的旅行尽可能舒适。检查我们的简单提示,以避免在您的旅行中感到失望。



  • 有空调和仅风扇的火车; 专用车厢有 2 或 4; 软和硬的座位。
  • 尽管上等级会让您的旅程更加顺畅,通常第二等级有空调或仅风扇的卧铺车厢是另一个省钱的好选择。
  • 请提前预定火车票,特别是当你您需要低的铺位。

有多少旅客选择从 Kadawatha Police Stn 往 加勒 以乘坐 火车?

我们已经卖了 火车 票给 580 旅客。 他们之中有些在此页留下了对上面的旅行评论。检查旅客的评论以便做好准备。它们始终是最有用和最可靠的信息来源。