Cu Chi到平順省

Cu Chi到平順省


Cu Chi和平順省之间的运输类型 从Cu Chi到平順省的交通

从 Cu Chi 到 平順省 ]的旅游胜地评论

火车 #SE10 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways, 2020年1月16日
There we constantly people boarding the train and wanted to sit in our reserved first class cabin. They cannot read most of the time so make sure you stay in you bed and in the cabin. Its a bit of a hustle on board
火车 #SE6 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways, 2020年1月13日
+ Efficient, clean and with helpful staff. - A 30 minute delay without information why. A bit loud TV entertainment.
火车 #SE22 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways, 2020年1月8日
Very comfortable and cheap way to travel
火车 #SE8 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways, 2020年1月8日
Good journey, clean carriage and nice n cool .
火车 #SE22 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways, 2020年1月5日
Good service for that journey, AC, comfortable seat.
火车 #SE22 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways, 2019年12月30日
Not recommended. Please go by bus instead if you plan to go to Muine from Ho chi minh. The station in Muine is so far away.
火车 #SE10 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways, 2019年12月22日
No problems, remember to keep an open mind and everything will go smoothly!
火车 #SE22 第2级别空调卧铺车厢, Vietnam Railways, 2019年12月20日
Cockroaches everywhere in the compartment
火车 #SE6 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways, 2019年12月19日
My seats were unavailable. We sat somewhere else. Apparently, a family of 4 booked our seats (and those of two other passengers).
火车 #SE10 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways, 2019年12月6日
The staff was not helpful at all. Even the locals who did help us were not shown and support. The train was dirty and cockroaches running everywhere. The bathroom was gross and had poop on the walls.
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Kumho Samco, 2019年11月25日
Super Trip and friendly Staff.
火车 #SE6 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways, 2019年11月24日
On time, comparably fast, very cheap, unclean, noisey, but plenty of leg room and storage. Not bad for 3rd world train
公共汽车 半卧铺, The SinhTourist, 2019年11月24日
Overall everything went okay. I felt safe the whole journey and we departed on time and arrived ahead of time. However, at arrival in Mui Ne, the bus is supposed to stop at your hotel if the hotel is on the main road, before arriving to the bus station. I gave them all the details at the office and they told me they would leave me at my hotel, but they didn’t and I had to pay an extra for a taxi to go to the hotel.
火车 #SE22 仅是第2等级空调座位, Vietnam Railways, 2019年11月23日
Good trip. I would recommend it to other travellers. Friendly train staff and fresh food and fruit.
火车 #SE8 第2级别空调卧铺车厢, Vietnam Railways, 2019年11月23日
Staff was excellent but train conditions were not good.
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Kumho Samco, 2019年11月22日
comfortable seat
公共汽车 标准级带空调, Hanh Cafe, 2019年11月21日
Everything went well.Bus was on time.Only issue was that my seat did not recline.I certainly recommand Hanh Cafe.
公共汽车 快速, The SinhTourist, 2019年11月20日
I had a really nice experience on the bus. The driver was lovely, always smiling. We had a stop off at a station where there were toilets and places to get some food for the rest of our journey which was good. The only downfall was the size of the seats. They were pretty small. Some of the taller passengers found it a little uncomfortable however as the bus wasn’t full, we were able to move seats. Overall a really pleasant journey
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Kumho Samco, 2019年11月19日
Good Cabin för relax and sleep but missed a toilet on the bus.
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Kumho Samco, 2019年11月17日
Bus left ontime and arrived ontime, it was a pleasant trip and seats comfortable for trip.
公共汽车 快速, The SinhTourist, 2019年11月17日
I was impressed the driver was the safest bus driver on the journey, with other buses doing dangerous passing, while our driver kept to the realistically scheduled ETA, which he did.
火车 #SE22 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways, 2019年11月15日
Accurate departure, arrival, clean couchettes, it was easy to find the train. It was a perfect trip! The train itself could be a bit newer, but I was happy with the trip!
出租车 4 座 SUV, Mui Ne Sky Travel, 2019年11月15日
Excellent trip from Saigon to Mui Ne
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Kumho Samco, 2019年11月10日
Bus left right on time and arrived right on time. USB ports worked, A/C worked, bus was comfortable. No toilets on board, but we stopped for a bathroom break. Bus dropped us off right in front of our hotel in Mui Ne!
火车 #SE2 第2级别空调卧铺车厢, Vietnam Railways, 2019年11月10日
The beds are small and was difficult to get up to to top bed. But still, comfortable, clean and the staff were nice and helpful.
出租车 厢式车 11人, Mui Ne Sky Travel, 2019年11月2日
Everything ok. All in time.
公共汽车 贵宾卧铺车厢41, Kumho Samco, 2019年11月1日
Everything was great
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如何从 Cu Chi 往 平順省。

Cu Chi 与 平順省 之间的旅行是可以通过乘坐 公共汽车。 目前,这是此行程的唯一选择。

Cu Chi 离 平順省 有多远?

从陆地出发, Cu Chi 与 平順省 之间的距离是 221 公里,而直接飞行的距离大约是 170 公里。

需要多长时间才能从 Cu Chi 往 平順省?

旅行乘坐 公共汽车 来往 Cu Chi 与 平順省, 预计花费约 6 小时。

从 Cu Chi 往 平順省要花费多少钱?

公共汽车 票的路线 Cu Chi - 平順省 将使您花费多 VND 171,000左右。 为了保证最优惠的价格,请提前购票。

来往 Cu Chi 与 平順省 每天有多少次行程?

巴士从 胡志明市 往 平順省 每天有 1 次行程。

乘坐 公共汽车 来往 Cu Chi 与 平順省 之旅行的有用提示。

要从 Cu Chi 往 平順省, 您的选择仅限于单一的交通选择,但这并不意味着您不能使您的旅行尽可能舒适。检查我们的简单提示,以避免在您的旅行中感到失望。



  • 在任何情况下,想获得更舒适的乘坐,尽可能选择更高级的巴士。这些巴士车通常具有柔软的躺椅座位,并且配备有空调和车上卫生间。
  • 可能包括水、零食或一顿便餐在您的票价中。
  • 不是所有的巴士都有车上卫生间,但也不吓人 - 它们在途中会有浴室停车站。

来回 胡志明市 与 平順省 经营巴士路线的公司

Lien Hung (Liên Hưng).

有多少旅客选择从 Cu Chi 往 平順省 以乘坐 公共汽车?

我们已经卖了 公共汽车 票给 535 旅客。 他们之中有些在此页留下了对上面的旅行评论。检查旅客的评论以便做好准备。它们始终是最有用和最可靠的信息来源。