Bao Ha到安原

Bao Ha到安原

可立即确认 最快的
Bao Ha, 沙坝
安原, 河内

搭乘 火车 从 Bao Ha 到 安原

可立即确认 最快的
Bao Ha, 沙坝
安原, 河内

Bao Ha和安原之间的运输类型 从Bao Ha到安原的交通

  • 火车
    VND 251k
  • 公共汽车不可用
  • 轮渡不可用
  • 飞机不可用
  • 出租车不可用

从 Bao Ha 到 安原 ]的旅游胜地评论

火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Laman Express, 2020年9月8日
I didn’t go, the train was cancelled due to Covid - still waiting on refund
公共汽车 VIP 20, Grouptour, 2020年3月27日
Our bus’s quite clean and comfortable, our trip was on time as the its schedule.But,driver and bus hostess (i guess!?) were unfriendly.
火车 #SP4 VIP卧铺舱, Laman Express, 2020年3月26日
Having a waiting room was nice, although not something we felt the need to use. The bathroom was very nice, specifically for a train. Everything was clean. The beds are quite hard and the air conditioner made a really odd inconsist noise that woke me up throughout the night. I can sleep through a steady noise, but this was more of a stop creak. On the trip to Lao Cai we were woken up by "sunrise" music about 20 minutes before disembarking. That didn't happen on the return though. Only about 10 minutes before the arrival did someone come by to wake us.
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Laman Express, 2020年3月15日
I had a compartment to myself, so that was wonderful. The staff was very polite and helpful. The compartment and toilets were clean and comfortable. The bed was quite hard, which would be a problem for some people. The train was exactly on time.
公共汽车 VIP级, Sapa Express, 2020年3月12日
Very affordable and very comfortable ride
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Laman Express, 2020年3月10日
We went with Laman Express both ways. Everything was great except noise from the rails, but that is expected, just bring earplugs with you. They gave water bottle, snacks for free. Woke us up in the morning just on time. The bathroom area was clean, there was toilet paper, soap all the time. There was possibility to make a coffee or tea for yourself with a kettle.
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, King Express, 2020年3月5日
Beds reasonably comfortable and toilets clean. Train left and arrived on time.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Sapa Express, 2020年3月4日
Pleasant and comfortable coach. Well looked after by our guide Sophia. Very convenient way to travel to and from Sapa
厢型车 VIP舱, Grouptour, 2020年3月1日
The van was new and safe, but we started one hour later than stated on our booking schedule and have to call two times to get information about the delay. At the end, the driver dropped us off at the airport with a delay of about half an hour
公共汽车 卧铺, Sapa Dragon Express, 2020年2月16日
The bus was comfortable. We showed up an hour early for the bus and it's a good thing since we left to walk up to the bus 30 mins before the bus was scheduled to leave. The driver had a bin of shoes so we didn't need to dig out our shoes at the 2 stops during the trip.
厢型车 VIP舱, Grouptour, 2020年2月16日
The ride itself was fine but we didn't get a confirmation for the ride so the day before we had to go to the office in Sapa and find out what was going on. At first I was told that the bus was cancelled and that I would need to book a different bus through the lady working there. I said If it was cancelled they needed to tell 12go so that I could be reimbursed. I insisted she call her company to find out what was going on. After a few phone calls I was told to check my email and that a confirmation would be there. I did and the confirmation was there. So after being told it was cancelled I guess they decided to run it after all??? Not too sure but we were the only ones in the bus.
公共汽车 VIP级, Sapa Express, 2020年2月11日
Excellent trip. The staff member on our bus was very regimented and the bus itself is very comfortable with reclining seats and plenty of leg room. Wish all long haul busses were like this!
公共汽车 VIP级, Sapa Express, 2020年2月4日
Very comfortable bus and meeting location very easy to find. Contact the whatsapp number to let then send a photo of the meeting point if can’t find it
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Laman Express, 2020年2月2日
Since I was traveling solo, the officer offered to change me to a different room that was empty, and leave mine for a group of 3 people. In short, I ended up in one room just for myself. And the other 3 guys got like a private room. Really nice from the staff
公共汽车 卧铺, Sapa Dragon Express, 2020年1月31日
Got dropped off right near hostel, & insanely great price:)
火车 VIP卧铺舱, Laman Express, 2020年1月29日
Always hard to sleep on a trian, but very nice facilities and complimentary goods. Wifi could be better.
火车 VIP卧铺舱, Laman Express, 2020年1月24日
Laman train very clean but the bed very hard
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Laman Express, 2020年1月22日
Good for me
火车 VIP卧铺舱, Laman Express, 2020年1月18日
Great trip, great service. Bit noisy, but hey.. we where on a train.
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Laman Express, 2020年1月16日
Very pleasant journey. As it was not a busy train (Tuesday night) the two of us had a four-bed sleeper compartment all to ourselves. Washing area and toilet were clean although the toilet paper had run out by morning. We were slightly disturbed by four young men talking quite loudly in the next-door compartment (walls are paper-thin) but they shut up eventually and we got a good night's sleep.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Grouptour, 2020年1月14日
公共汽车 半卧铺, Grouptour, 2020年1月2日
Too many stops to pick up and unload passengers which resulted in delay in arrival of bus at final destination.
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Laman Express, 2020年1月2日
公共汽车 半卧铺, Grouptour, 2019年12月30日
Overall happy with the journey, bus delayed by 1 hour.Need to improvise cleanliness.
公共汽车 VIP级, Sapa Express, 2019年12月29日
Not very organised, waited half an hour at their offices With no contact then incidentally discovered o coach pulling out was the one I was supposed to be on. No temperature control on the bus, freezing for 5 hours
火车 #SP4 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways, 2019年12月28日
Toilet is not clean
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Laman Express, 2019年12月25日
Very nice train, cosy and comfortable cabin, with complimentary softdrinks and snacks. Much better than sleeping bus, where is no enough legroom for average European person, and bad air.
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Laman Express, 2019年12月25日
Harika diyorum
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Laman Express, 2019年12月24日
It’s an ok service but you should put only female cabins I don’t feel safe sharing the cabin with men’s I don’t know
公共汽车 VIP 20, Sapa Express, 2019年12月21日
Very comfortable. Great service. Safe driving.
公共汽车 VIP级, Sapa Express, 2019年12月20日
Nice bus ,very comfortable,staff and Driver very good
公共汽车 VIP 20, Grouptour, 2019年12月20日
Bus is clean. However, booked departure at 1840hr but the bus depart at 1930hr. Driver do not speak English at all, made a few stops but we do not know what was going on or where we should stop
厢型车 VIP舱, Grouptour, 2019年12月19日
Bus was late and we almost mist our transfer. Also the bus had no leg space. Thanks to the help of the driver we got of first so we did make it!
火车 VIP卧铺舱, Laman Express, 2019年12月18日
VIP 2-person sleeper car was great, so much more comfortable to sleep lying down in privacy overnight. The room was nicely prepared for us, including bananas, water, tea, and little baked sweet rolls. Power plugs and wifi are helpful. Beds are very hard and small, and bathroom was out of paper and stopped up within an hour, and I never saw a staff person to tell about it. But there is a proper sink with water for washing up at night/morning, and we really enjoyed the ability to get (almost) a proper night's sleep! Tip: you might want to set an alarm unless you are prepared to be up and out within 5 minutes of the wake-up announcement. Would definitely book again.
火车 #SP4 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways, 2019年12月16日
When booking the location said Hanoi however when the ticket came it said yen vien (yen vien is 30 min taxi from Hanoi. Staff were rude (shouting and banging on your door repeatedly to tell us to get off the train. We didn't even know it was out stop as there was no announcement. Toilet was disgusting
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Laman Express, 2019年12月15日
The cabin is neat and tidy. Hot water is also available at train basin. Toilet is clean. Service is good.
火车 #SP4 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways, 2019年12月12日
Booked a return from Hanoi to Lao Cai but the return tickets only took us to Yen Vien so had to pay a further 200000 dong on the train to complete the journey.
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Laman Express, 2019年12月7日
Buying tickets through was easy and staff sent vouchers within 8 hours of purchase. We were also upgraded to Lamar Express brand from the Vietnam Railways that we originally tequested. Train cabin was clean and staff was attentive. Sheets were cleaned but we still used sleeping bag liners. Toilet was clean (but no soap).
火车 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Laman Express, 2019年12月2日
100% satisfied.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Sapa Express, 2019年12月1日
Oh my word such comfortable chairs you feel like your on first class in a plane. So much leg room and an overall very pleasant ride. Mr Dan our driver and Max our host were brilliant.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Grouptour, 2019年12月1日
12go failed to highlight the following: 1. Bus departure timing is 11:30 instead of 11 2. Bus will not bring you directly to the end point. You have to transfer to a smaller one by the side of the highway outside of Hanoi You can actually head directly to the bus terminal next to the Sapa market and wait in the waiting lounge with free food and drinks instead of standing in the shed 12go tells you to. It's 800m away. It's advisable to try and request a lower deck bed as it's really rocky going down Sapa. We got motion sickness and was made worse with the driver's incessant honking and hard braking. No barf bags onboard. No breaks along the way, there is a toilet at the back of the bus.
公共汽车 VIP级, Sapa Express, 2019年11月29日
Brandnew VIP car Excellent service
火车 #SP4 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways, 2019年11月29日
comfortable and clean beds, on time
厢型车 VIP舱, Grouptour, 2019年11月28日
Driver drive very hard and sometimes he did very dangerous moves on the way!
火车 #SP4 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways, 2019年11月25日
Ondo, bere preziorako.
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, Sapaly Express, 2019年11月24日
Comfortable, clean and very helpful and friendly staff :)
火车 #SP4 4乘客贵宾卧铺车厢, King Express, 2019年11月23日
Everything ran smoothly and the beds are quite comfortable. Servise on board is a bit shit. They offer you a free hot drink to arrive in the morning just before you get to Hanoi; tea, coffee or hot chocolate. However, the hot chocolate isn't actually free. So we got a little scammed into paying 25k each for a hot chocolate, never going to argue that at 5am - they know this.
公共汽车 VIP 20, Sapa Express, 2019年11月22日
Отличный сервис. Удобные автобусы, идут по расписанию. Отличные гиды и водители.
火车 #SP2 VIP卧铺舱, Fanxipan, 2019年11月21日
The csbin in larger than Sapaly, however, the toilet is smelly.
火车 #SP2 VIP卧铺舱, Vietnam Railways, 2019年11月19日
At my first trip there was something to drink and to eat, that I missed this time. The door was just of glass and the light shined into my eyes the whole night long. The beds were nice and I slept very well. I liked my trip
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如何从Bao Ha前往安原?

在Bao Ha和安原之间旅行可选择 火车 和 厢型车的交通方式。
如果选择厢型车,则票价高达VND 410,009;如果想要选择经济实惠的交通方式
,可以选择火车,其票价为VND 251,000

Bao Ha和安原之间的距离有多远?

Bao Ha和安原之间的陆地距离是263千米,飞机航线距离是

从Bao Ha前往安原需要多长时间?

无论选择何种交通方式,从Bao Ha到安原都需要6至6小
火车是从Bao Ha到安原最快的交通方式。火车只需
5小时 43分钟,可抵达目的地。厢型车相对慢很多,需要6小时抵达

从Bao Ha前往安原需要花费多少钱?

如果您选择Vietnam Railways (Đường sắt Việt Nam) 火车从Bao Ha前往安原,票价可
低达VND 251,000。如果您购买Grouptour (Công ty du lịch quốc tế Grouptour) 厢型车票,则票价可高达
VND 410,009

Bao Ha和 安原之间每天有多少趟车或航班?

  • 2 从 沙坝 往 河内 开始从 15:00 Mu Cang Chai SSB 到 15:30 Mu Cang Chai SSB
  • 1 从 沙坝 往 河内 从最早 23:15 Yen Vien 到 23:15 Yen Vien

对于以上所有的交通方式详情,请查看从Bao Ha前往安原的时刻表。








Grouptour (Công ty du lịch quốc tế Grouptour)

从Bao Ha至安原最流行的交通方式是什么?


  • 74% 位乘坐客货车
  • 26% 位乘坐火车