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Farinas Trans 计划 & 时间表

马尼拉 - 佬沃
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢
06:00, 07:00, 08:00, 16:30, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00, 19:30, 20:00, 21:00, 21:30, 23:30
公共汽车 一等
08:00, 10:30, 12:30, 19:00
公共汽车 标准级带空调
公共汽车 高级豪华舱
公共汽车 Super First Class
19:30, 22:30
公共汽车 豪华
20:30, 23:00
马尼拉 - 伊罗戈斯
公共汽车 高级豪华舱
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢
06:00, 07:00, 08:00, 16:30, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 20:00, 21:00, 21:30, 22:00, 22:30, 23:00, 23:30
公共汽车 豪华
20:30, 23:00
伊罗戈斯 - 马尼拉
公共汽车 高级豪华舱
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢
00:15, 01:15, 07:00, 08:45, 21:45, 22:45, 23:15
公共汽车 豪华
00:45, 22:15
佬沃 - 马尼拉
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢
06:00, 07:00, 08:00, 10:00, 12:30, 16:30, 19:30, 20:00, 21:00, 21:30, 22:00, 22:30, 23:30
公共汽车 豪华
20:30, 23:00
公共汽车 Super First Class
19:30, 22:30
公共汽车 高级豪华舱
公共汽车 标准级带空调
08:00, 10:00, 12:30
公共汽车 一等
碧瑶 - 伊罗戈斯
05:30, 08:30, 10:00, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30, 20:00, 22:00
伊罗戈斯 - 碧瑶
00:45, 02:15, 04:45, 10:45, 12:45, 16:45
碧瑶 - 佬沃
05:30, 08:30, 10:00, 13:30, 15:30, 17:30, 20:00, 22:00
佬沃 - 伊罗戈斯
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢
07:00, 20:00, 21:00, 21:30, 22:30, 23:30
公共汽车 豪华
20:30, 23:00
佬沃 - 碧瑶
00:30, 03:00, 09:00, 11:00, 15:00, 23:00

Farinas Trans 站

拉瓦格马尼拉 Farinas Transit美岸碧瑶法利纳斯中转站

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公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2020年3月13日
The ride was good. We arrived at vigan 1 hour earlier than the scheduled time even though we left manila 20 minutes late. But you should really inform us in the ticket where the drop off will be since there is no terminal for fariñas in vigan.
公共汽车 豪华, Farinas Trans, 2020年3月5日
I appreciate that we were advised that the Deluxe bus that we booked on would not be running that day. We were downgraded to First Class with CR and re-booked for the earlier trip. I had already paid for the Deluxe tickets in full prior to the trip but was able to get a refund of the excess amount from the conductor. Though we were not seated in the same row, we were seated in the same column of seats. So, at least effort was made to seat us close together. However, unlike our trip to Vigan, the trip back to Manila did not afford me a restful sleep as I kept sliding out of my seat whenever the bus turned a corner or went on a zigzag route. I would have given it 5 stars but for this.
公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2020年3月5日
We were pleasantly surprised when we received a call confirming our arrival on the day of the trip. The trip on the Super Deluxe bus was comfortable as the driver kept a steady pace. I was able to have a restful sleep for 4 straight hours. I hope though that they look into the availability of their advertised amenities. The USB ports on our seat were no longer working as the main socket had come off of the panel. It was a good thing that there was another USB port on the individual monitor. Overall, it's an experience I wouldn't mind repeating.
公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2020年3月4日
Very comfy. Bit tight on leg space but offers great amenities. Wifi service, toilet, usb charging, personal tablet for entertainment and just right cool temperature. The crew were also helpful and accompdating. Left on time. Highly recommended!
公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2020年3月4日
Responsive conductor
公共汽车 豪华, Farinas Trans, 2020年3月3日
12GO doesn't provide Senior Discount. AC on the bus was too cold. Only pro are the kind Farinas conductors.
公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2020年3月2日
A/C too cold
公共汽车 Super First Class, Farinas Trans, 2020年2月29日
Only downside: the aircon was way to cold! Otherwise I had a pleasant experience, thank you!
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢, Farinas Trans, 2020年2月18日
The driver and conductor of the bus is very professional, unfortunately the comfortroom on the bus has its lock broken, I hope it will be fixed soon. You may also want to consider changing the odor perfume for the comfortroom for it makes people dizzy.
公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2020年2月14日
Good! On time But they give me another seat
公共汽车 标准级带空调, Farinas Trans, 2020年2月2日
Took 10pm from Baguio to Vigan, was worried if we can board as the counter had to call up HQ with our booking reference number and the bus seating plan didn’t have our names on it... Eventually did get seats together for the two of us, think latecomers (arriving after check-in of 9.30pm) were bumped to the back of the coach. Arrived at Vigan at 3am, an hour early, at Bantay.
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢, Farinas Trans, 2020年2月1日
It was fast, but the aircon nearly killed me. Every 3 minutes the temperature changed between 17 and 23 degrees. Crazy. Take warm clothes to survive.
公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2020年1月26日
Bus was on time and no hassles. Only want to point out is we're 3passengers when I booked but we're allocated separate seats. But it's ok but would appreciate if they could at least sit not far from the group.
公共汽车 豪华, Farinas Trans, 2020年1月24日
Very smooth travel
公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2020年1月22日
I had reserved for the bus which was to take me at 11:45 pm at the Vigan stop. Fortunately I arrived at Vigan's stop at 11:00 pm! The bus picked me up at 11:30 pm. You must respect the instructions and be present 30 minutes before! One downside, the expected arrival in Manila was at 7 am but in fact we arrived at 5:45 am! everything was closed!
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢, Farinas Trans, 2020年1月22日
I booked for an earlier travel time to make sure that I could go home by night but the bus was two hours delayed on the said time so I waited in the middle of road and got heated by the sun in Vigan. The driver and the conductor was very noisy and no care at all to the passengers. I know there will be 2 or 3 stopovers for our trip but the conductor has other ways in giving stopovers, whenever they feel like to stopover, they will stop in the middle of the road just to have a “SMOKING BREAK”. It’s really just unbelievable! And the driver somehow don’t know where to drive because he keeps on turning around to drive on the right way. It was really exhausting to ride with that kind of service.
公共汽车 豪华, Farinas Trans, 2020年1月20日
it was a pleasant trip! memorable one!
公共汽车 豪华, Farinas Trans, 2020年1月18日
Farinas changed my ticket booked with 12GO Asia. It was 10 pm instead of 11 pm. They said the bus I booked is canceled. Fortunately, I went to Farinas bus station to see where it was and they said that! If I didn’t go one day before, I don’t know what would be happent??? I must pay 40 php because the bus was upgraded. I agreed about that.
公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2020年1月12日
Trip went without a hitch and arrived 45mins early. Conductor, driver and even staff @ terminal were courteous and very helpful. 12go was also very helpful. Suggestion though: allow us to choose seats
公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2020年1月12日
Spacious seat which let me sleep deeply.
公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2020年1月7日
Bus left Manila on time and arrived in Laoag 2 hrs ahead of schedule. Seats were very comfortable and the toilet was clean and didn't smell. Also received a call 2 hrs before the trip confirming our reservation. Driver travelled at a safe speed. Great experience.
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢, Farinas Trans, 2020年1月2日
Yung staffs nila mababait. thanks
公共汽车 标准级带空调, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月31日
Departure time was 30 minutes passed schedule.
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月31日
Too many stopovers. I thought it was a first class bus, or one of those sleeper buses which has no stopovers but ot stops in places for 30mins and more. Very uncomfortable ride.
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月29日
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月28日
The bus leaves on time.
公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月27日
Awesome travel
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月27日
We booked a bus with cr but the bus we rode in does't have any Cr at all
公共汽车 豪华, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月27日
Please improve.
公共汽车 豪华, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月27日
- easy to book online - if you are travelling from laoag, good for you because there is a terminal but if you are coming from vigan, you just have to wait in the highway where the bus will pass by - since they doesn't have a terminal in vigan, I had to call their laoag terminal just to confirm my booking. - good points is my number was given to the bus conductor & I am so happy that the conductor did call & text me to inform me.
公共汽车 标准级带空调, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月27日
The booking was accepted & acknowledged by the inspector. Unfortunately we didn't get the sits that we reserved. Baguio Terminal of Farinas doesnt have an access for online booking.
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月25日
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月24日
Convenient booking! Bus driver and conductor are both accommodating. Just need improvement with the bus ventilation.
公共汽车 一等, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月24日
On-boarding was fast but was transferred to another bus type which required us to add P40 on our total fare.
公共汽车 标准级带空调, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月22日
Please play rated PG or G movies only during the trip. Children are mentally disturbed
公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月22日
Very comfortable travel at night. Thanks.
公共汽车 豪华, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月21日
We have booked for Deluxe bus but instead we ride in a First Class bus. They refunded P50 each but still its frustrating, we just dont have other choice... Then for the Dec 21 travel instead of First Class Bus we ride an orinary aircon bus with frequent stops and vendors all coming inside. We have separate experience for my brothers booked travel with Farinas again... No Bus appreared in their 12:45am supposedly pick up time
公共汽车 豪华, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月20日
it was a reserved seat but they gave our seats to other passengers
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月19日
My son left his mobile phone in the bus. The conductor called us and made an arrangement on how to get it back. I preder to get it at their Manila terminal/office. When we arrived back to Manila, we asked the personnel about the mobile phone that was surrendered. We got the phone back as is.
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月16日
We booked and paid online however our names were not listed on the seating arrangement. Luckily, there are still available seats so we were able to join our supposedly scheduled trip. Seats does not have seatbelt. Too cold inside the bus.
公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月15日
Siege avec repose pied cassé,,!
公共汽车 豪华, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月7日
It was okay. I was able to communicate with the driver.
公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月5日
comfortable seating. Driver texted us to advise of pick up time. However why was I not given both senior citizens and child discount? ??? Disappointed about that!
公共汽车 高级豪华舱, Farinas Trans, 2019年12月3日
公共汽车 一等, Farinas Trans, 2019年11月30日
Old bus. I don't like the smell.. but fast and very accommodating condoctor
公共汽车 豪华, Farinas Trans, 2019年11月29日
This is my 2nd online booking and so far, I had no problem with them. Trip was smooth.
公共汽车 豪华, Farinas Trans, 2019年11月26日
Arrived safely and earlier than estimated time of arrival :)
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢, Farinas Trans, 2019年11月26日
Bus did not arrive on time (late by 30 minutes) at the designated pickup point. Also, bus is a bit old and dirty.
公共汽车 标准级带空调, Farinas Trans, 2019年11月25日
Got no problem with our booking. We arrived at our destination safe and ahead of the guaranteed time.
公共汽车 一等舱/车厢, Farinas Trans, 2019年11月25日
Smooth ride all the way to Sampaloc, Manila. Just that there were 5 passengers with reserved seats but was not on the printed list. I wonder why was that.