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公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2020年4月12日
The trip was very smooth and no hustle at all. All the staff is very accommodating and very generous. Thank you 12go asia! Highly Recommended Online Booking Site!
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2020年3月7日
It was a comfortable ride apart from road conditions at certain points along the journey - no fault of DLTB. Well-informed and no hassle!
公共汽车 Greyhound, DLTBCo, 2020年2月25日
Bus has No searbelt
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2020年2月24日
Unable to recline seat
公共汽车 Greyhound, DLTBCo, 2020年2月9日
first time i rode a greyhound and its not bad. i got a seamless booking and ride. i slept the whole ride and woke up already in my destination earlier than i thought. that is awesome!!!
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2020年2月8日
Not really clean and materials damaged : to expensive for that quality ! Employees was very kind.
公共汽车 Greyhound, DLTBCo, 2020年2月2日
Very nice...Im so glad that there's already an online booking on DLTB bus...its very convenient...no need to go very early on bus terminal just to buy ticket for reservation, that sometimes you will just disappoint because its already fully booked....so yeah, this online booking is very helpfull...thanks for this....
公共汽车 Lazyboy, DLTBCo, 2020年1月29日
The team only informed me on the day of the scheduled trip that the bus I booked (lazyboy) had some malfunction, thus transferring me to greyhound which is at a lower cost
公共汽车 Lazyboy, DLTBCo, 2020年1月23日
The only problem I encountered is regarding the booking schedule re boarding point, wherein my booking ticket is Aurora Blvd. terminal but they send me to EDSA station because as they reasoned out that Daet trips are jst assigned in EDSA terminal, without considering the effort and additional fare to be spent in these transfers. Kindly advise your partner booking company about this. And they should refund the additional charge they take due to this situation.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2020年1月17日
all ok, sometimes overtaking looks dangerous, but I think your drivers know...
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2020年1月12日
the 2nd driver of Bus No. 1431 (quezon to naga leg) almost had us run into an accident when he overtakes other vehicles. We gasped everytime he tries to do this. And it happened multiple times during his time to drive. I hope the management checks their dashcams and see what this driver is doing. It isn't safe to drive that fast.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2020年1月11日
Your bus is always late.????????
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2020年1月11日
seat plan was not able to follow accordingly... walk in passengers will be seating on your designated seat even though they are not yet paid or doesn'tha a ticket yet for the trip.... the sense of booking online is for you to have a reserve seat ahead of time for you to avoid hassle and skip line to pay on the counter and to reserve in advance...
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2020年1月10日
it's okay
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2020年1月8日
Delayed for 5hrs
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2020年1月7日
Nice trip...
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2020年1月7日
Fast and reliable
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2020年1月2日
Very accommodating
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2020年1月2日
Perfect to book when peak season.. hassle free..di na kailangan pumila ng pagkahaba haba.. thumbs up!!!
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2020年1月1日
The whole trip/experience could have been a lot better if not for the long delay. The assigned bus was supposed to depart 3:45pm but we were able to depart almost 10pm. The bus did not arrive to the bus terminal on time. According to some bus operator personnel, the bus got stuck in traffic somewhere in CamSur due to some road works. Anyway, 6+ hours delay is too long and they could have done a better job in their scheduling.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月30日
From 6:30 original departure the bus arrived at 8pm then it got stucked for 2hrs due to bus error.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月30日
Late ang bus and nasira pa so we waited for about 2 and a half hours.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月29日
You require your passengers to print out the voucher or else no boarding pass will be given. You just don’t know how inconvenient your process is but when I reviewed your instructions sent via email, passenger can just present the booking reference at the counter if no printed copy on hand to get the boarding pass but DLTB staff insisted passenger should have a hard copy of it. The passenger had to look for a computer shop nearby felt scared because the place is not a safe area to walk by. I can’t help but to compare your service to our bus line who give passengers no headache as they accept e-voucher/soft copy of the reservation. You need to improve your process on it. Looking at the other reviews, no wonder they are disappointed same as what we felt. Please hear our sentiments and invest on improving your service.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月28日
A little bit delayed but doesn’t affect the overall service.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月28日
Reservation had to be printed out, should work on a QR scanner for less waste. Also, the additional fee of 140 per ticket is way too much. i bought the tickets at 897 and in the ticket it showed me 757. The convenience of booking online is always good but the process after that is not worthy of 140 pesos.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月27日
The trip was delayed for 5 hrs. 12Go fare is so expensive compared to the fare in the bus terminal and confirmation email takes so many days to receive. It is very hard to contact 12Go, since it does not not have a telephone number. Therefore, I found it not accomodating.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月27日
The perks of online booking is convenience. I didn't get that much of a convenience from this trip, much more, customer service was below par. Busy season maybe? It does not justify though. Next time, it should help to accommodate. What for that this is an online booking. Imagine looking for a computer shop for 30 mins...walking around an unfamiliar Pasay rotonda to have the ticket printed when the pdf is downloaded on my phone. If not for Penafrancia Tours, which allows print screen, I could have known better that DLTB would not allow. I think, be consistent also on the rules.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月26日
The overall experience with the bus is good. This is my first time booking with PH bus, so I expect that your hotline is available for my inquiries but no answer from the numbers stated on my voucher. I will not recommend PH bus to other passengers, I will still go with manual reservation.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月26日
Bus was delayed by more than an hour. In the end, I opted to join a supposedly later bus (original trip was 845, joined the 10pm bus because my bus was super delayed) in a less than ideal seat (last row, pretty bouncy) just to get on with my travel. Not sure what time my original bus arrived. Granted it was during the Christmas holiday, but it was a big hassle.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月26日
They booked me a different time because my original booking was apparently full already. They emailed me immediately.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月26日
Good in updating passengers
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月26日
Hassle-free booking and I was given my ticket immediately once I presented my voucher. Their customer service is also very responsive.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月25日
It takes forever for them to send the voicher. I dont know who's at fault.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月24日
Delayed departure
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月24日
Traffic bad due to road work
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月23日
The bus was late of 1 hour + from the booking time. Travel is ok but there are 2 extra passengers along the center which supposed to be none. They are seated at the back without extra seat just seating on the floor.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月23日
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月22日
So far it's okay. I just have to fall in line again to know the bus number to ride on.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月22日
There is no bus, the trip delayed for 5 hrs. 12Go fare is so expensive compare to the fare on the bus terminal and confirmation email takes so many days to received. 12Go has no contact number to call so I found it not accomodating.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月22日
Hindi pumapayag ang DLTB na di printed amg voucher but other bus companies accept voucher using phones. Aside from that, DLTB front officer doesn't help me with the location na malapit kung san magpapaprint. Kung di pa ako dalawang beses na pababalik balik, di pa nila sasabihin na meron sa Metropoint Mall
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月22日
The bus was more than an hour late.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月22日
It was a great trip!
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月22日
delayed departure
公共汽车 Greyhound, DLTBCo, 2019年12月22日
Greyhound bus was not bad. Just don’t seat at the rarest part coz the impact of pothole roads was really terrifying. We had issues regarding the baggage’s. They put it at the aisle of the bus where we can’t properly walk and go to toilet. We told the in charge and at first he fixed it. But later on he put all the luggage at the aisle again. This is seriously unlawful what if there will be an emergency? How can we be safe if they’ll be practicing that? Anyways thank you. We are safely arrived in our destination.
公共汽车 Greyhound, DLTBCo, 2019年12月19日
I give a 5 star for a very accommodating service from 12go. I appreciate your help in booking and rebooking my trip. I cannot say anything for DLTB bus company for their service because my trip was canceled due to work-related concerns but I thank them though for considering to rebook my ticket from my previous schedule. Looking forward for another booking in the future. If it's not much to ask, can I still rebook again? Thanks.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月17日
Very delayed trip.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月14日
Got my confirmation 2hrs before my departure where I need to rush to print the PDF.
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年12月8日
Trusted online booking. You don’t need to worry if they didn’t give the voucher ahead of time. They will issue the voucher closer to your booking date. Highly recommended booking site. ????????????
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年11月29日
one of the personnel said the he is already late although the passenger is in the terminal 1hour before the said travrl schedule.They wanted to cancell my bookings.very dissapointed customer service
公共汽车 空调普通型, DLTBCo, 2019年11月25日
The driver was rude as well as the conductor when my mother, who is a senior citizen ,was asking for help. Dispatcher was helpful.