Sanur Beach Transfer到珀尼达岛

Sanur Beach Transfer到珀尼达岛


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30分钟 First: 7:30 Last: 17:00

From IDR 173 千



From IDR 240 千

Sanur Beach Transfer去珀尼达岛日程表

Sanur Beach Transfer去珀尼达岛日程表
Maruti Fast Boat Speedboat 07:30 - 08:00IDR 190,000
Caspla Bali Sea View Speedboat 08:00 - 08:30IDR 172,500
Golden Queen Fast Boat Speedboat 08:30 - 09:00IDR 205,000
Angel Billabong Speedboat 08:00 - 08:30IDR 190,000
Tanis Lembongan Express High Speed Ferry 08:15 - 08:45IDR 190,000
Idola Express Speedboat 08:30 - 09:00IDR 190,000
Semabu Hills Fast Boat Speedboat 08:15 - 09:00IDR 190,000
Glory Fast Boat Speedboat 08:30 - 09:00IDR 205,000
Sanjaya Fastboat Speedboat 08:00 - 08:30IDR 172,500
Semabu Hills Fast Boat Speedboat 13:00 - 13:30IDR 190,000
Maruti Fast Boat Speedboat 15:00 - 15:30IDR 190,000
Angel Billabong Speedboat 17:00 - 17:30IDR 190,000

Sanur Beach Transfer和珀尼达岛之间的运输类型 从Sanur Beach Transfer到珀尼达岛的交通

从 Sanur Beach Transfer 到 珀尼达岛 ]的旅游胜地评论

轮渡 高速游轮, Tanis Lembongan Express, 2020年2月29日
12Go worked perfectly, easy to use and reliable. The trip was well organised embarking and desembarking. A bit too hot inside the boat so a fan or some kind of AC would have been very welcome.
轮渡 快艇, The Angkal Fastboat, 2020年2月14日
Excellent customer service! Even carried me to the boat cuz I had an injured leg and couldn’t get it wet!
轮渡 高速游轮, Tanis Lembongan Express, 2020年2月11日
Hot inside the fast boat, could have fans installed. Safer for passengers if everyone wore a safety jacket too.
轮渡 快艇, The Angkal Fastboat, 2020年2月7日
Very simple process Just used a grab taxi from Kuta was there in 40 mins. Trip over to Nusa Penida only 30 mins
轮渡 快艇, The Angkal Fastboat, 2020年1月26日
The trip itself was good. At the port, it was a bit chaotic. We had to look for the stand of the boat to check in. There were no signs and it was crowded so that made it a bit difficult. But after that, the trip went well.
轮渡 快艇, Maruti Fast Boat, 2020年1月18日
Friendly staff, easy desk/signage to find. Staff took my heavy bag to carry for me as we made our way down to the boat. The boat got stuck in the sand and couldn’t depart because of the tide. Everyone had to disembark and the crew pushed the boat out, they were all happy, high spirits and funny. Than we all reboarded again. Comfortable fast/ride over to nusa penida. I would book with this company again.
轮渡 快艇, The Angkal Fastboat, 2020年1月15日
Everything is ok.
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2020年1月14日
Wow very good bort
轮渡 快艇, The Angkal Fastboat, 2020年1月12日
Fine trip to Nusa Penida, fast and nice view. We checked in at the Angkal office and our luggage was carried for us to the boat. Onto the boat we had to walk over some large rocks (kinda scary in case you lose your balance or slip) and then through the water. I had my shoes off and wanted to put them back on on the boat (for hygiene reasons), but they were janked out of my hands and thrown on the floor. They only did this to some travellers, so they may have had a reason but never told me why even though I asked repeatedly.
轮渡 快艇, Crown Fast Cruises, 2020年1月7日
Efficient, accommodating, comfortable and on time. Everything one needs while traveling abroad.
轮渡 快艇, Mola Mola Express, 2020年1月3日
The boat left on time as mentioned. It took 1 hour to reach nusa penida from sanur. There were no washrooms on the boat. Less legroom
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2020年1月1日
it was easy. we got there 1 hr earlier although I think you could get away with 30 minutes before. Everything was easy and more or less on time. The trip is not super comfortable when is hot, but its a short trip.
轮渡 快艇, Mola Mola Express, 2019年12月21日
Boat left on time but takes about an hour instead of the advertised 30 minutes. Be prepared to wade through knee to thigh high water to get on the boat as there is no pier at the Sanur location - this true for all boat services I saw at Sanur
轮渡 快艇, Maruti Fast Boat, 2019年12月21日
Had small money, earpods, and small earphones stolen from my backpack. If you are traveling with very few belongings it should be ok. Just prepare to wear short clothes as there is no actual pier and you board the boat from knee to thigh deep water
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年12月17日
It was super easy and without difficulties. A bit hard to find the location in Sanur port, between all the people and the scooters, but once there everything moved smoothly. Price of the trip is similar to other providers.
轮渡 快艇, Mola Mola Express, 2019年12月16日
Worked like a clock, no issues
轮渡 快艇, Maruti Fast Boat, 2019年12月15日
The boat company were great! But the general boarding point was a confusing mess.. but hey. It was great service! Thanks Maruti!
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年12月10日
Super hot. No fans and the boat decided to wait after everyone had boarded for 15 mins for two people who were late!
轮渡 快艇, The Angkal Fastboat, 2019年12月5日
Everything was good
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年11月27日
Good service. Just need more prominent name display boards across the harbour.
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年11月27日
The trip it self was very good and smooth. Dit however take much longer to get so Nusa Penida then stated. Never the les the experience was all good.
轮渡 快艇, The Angkal Fastboat, 2019年11月26日
Boat was in good condition and everybody was nice
轮渡 快艇, Maruti Fast Boat, 2019年11月5日
Smooth transport to Nusa Penida.
轮渡 快艇, Mola Mola Express, 2019年11月3日
Ok, need lifejacket readily available
轮渡 快艇, Mola Mola Express, 2019年10月20日
I understood and it is written when you booked, that pick up from hotel/drop off at hotel is include. Well, it is not true at all.
轮渡 快艇, Crown Fast Cruises, 2019年10月18日
Parked the boat at 7 m from coast and we needed to go through water to go on board.
轮渡 快艇, Mola Mola Express, 2019年10月14日
There is no pier in Sanur and it's very rocky. Also when I researched I tought the boat was going to Toyapakeh but it went to another town
轮渡 快艇, Crown Fast Cruises, 2019年10月11日
Well organized, good company. But nusa Penida is to busy with tourist
轮渡 快艇, Crown Fast Cruises, 2019年10月2日
It was an awesome experience! Service was good and well organized.
轮渡 快艇, Crown Fast Cruises, 2019年9月27日
Easy to book and pick up our tickets. The boattrip over went fast and was comfortable. Crew on the boat was nice and helpful
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年9月23日
Was quick and easy but waited over 15 mins to depart. Beside that the boat was quick!
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年9月22日
Quick, stable and the crew were very helpful
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年9月20日
Departure was on time. Staffs were accomodating. Not too cramped inside. Reached Nusa early! thank u! :)
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年9月3日
really long delay. seemed not well organized
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年9月2日
Had a super relaxing and fun ride!
轮渡 快艇, Crown Fast Cruises, 2019年8月31日
No information about security. They had water on board but we were not offered.
轮渡 快艇, Mola Mola Express, 2019年8月25日
30’ late
轮渡 快艇, Crown Fast Cruises, 2019年8月21日
Easy & fast transaction. Correct information on website. Thank you! :)
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年8月21日
Everything worked fine. Thanks for the Trip!
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年8月21日
The trip itself went very well but we departed almost an hour late. They should have a system to tag bags since they have none.
轮渡 快艇, Crown Fast Cruises, 2019年8月19日
My return flight was scheduled 2 days after I intended it to be (my mistake!) I messaged my crew Crown Fast Cruise on whatsapp and they were accommodating! Without hesitation they switched the dates. So thankful!
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年8月16日
Good . But late.
轮渡 快艇, Mola Mola Express, 2019年8月13日
The boat was 45 minutes late. You have to board the sea, so make sure you have a short and sandal
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年8月7日
轮渡 快艇, Crown Fast Cruises, 2019年8月6日
do not expect on time departure..
轮渡 快艇, Crown Fast Cruises, 2019年8月5日
It was good organized and funny..
轮渡 快艇, Mola Mola Express, 2019年8月3日
Everything was good. Though the ferry was late by half an hour.
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年7月26日
When we arrived my partner already saw that there was no pier, so we quickly changed our sneakers to flipflops (so we could easily take them off and didn't mind wet feet). Luckily we were both wearing shorts, as we had to walk through knee height to get onto the boat. However, that's not just with Idola, but with every single boat there. Nothing to worry about, just something to keep in mind and prepare for. Luckily our backpacks (and everybody's suitcases) were brought onto the boat by strong men and we only had to carry our carry on bags. There was a delay of about an hour, which is the only minus, but as long as you don't book a tour or something similar right after the expected arrival time you should be fine. It is recommended to arrange a pick-up at the Nusa Penida Pier though, as you will get ripped off if you don't.
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年7月21日
It was hard to decide which company to use. There are mixed reviews about all companies. Most with negative comments. After consideration we’ve decided to go for Idola Express. I can only say that journey went as expected and the service was good. Slight delay, but it’s acceptable as there are always time variations due to weather conditions or other external factors to the operators. The majority of bad reviews on boat companies in Bali come from users that had bad experiences (which is acceptable). It’s also important that people start sharing their good experiences - just so others can easily decide and follow trustworthy recommendations.
轮渡 快艇, Idola Express, 2019年7月21日
Buying the ticket online was super easy and smooth. Ticketing place on the port was very easy to find. Once you're there, they'll give you a lanyard and you just follow your guide to the boat. Getting on the boat was quick, barely got our feet wet. Our fast boat was 1/3 full, and it's high season.
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乘坐轮渡如何从Sanur Beach Transfer, 去往珀尼达岛?

乘坐轮渡在Sanur Beach Transfer, 和珀尼达岛之间旅行,可以享受沿途风景如画的美景。每天前往

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乘坐轮渡从Sanur Beach Transfer, 前往珀尼达岛需要花费的时间为30分钟, – 30分钟,。

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  • 如果您的旅行线路由小型轮渡运营商提供,而且只提供有限的轮渡班次,我们建议您提前购买船
  • 渡轮的出行高度依赖天气状况。它主要是指公海航线,例如安达曼海目的地及其海岸之间。在暴
  • 船票价格越贵,意味着花费的时间也越少。在订票时始终记得查看旅行需要花费的时长,多花些
  • 如果您晕船,请在登船前半个小时服用晕船药。上船后尽量呆在开放的甲板上,呼吸新鲜的空气会缓解晕
  • 根据经验,如果遇到波涛汹涌的大海,应该选择大型和稳定的汽车轮渡或高速船。避免乘坐双体
  • 通常情况下,轮渡不是这些目的地之间旅行的唯一方式。但轮渡可以观赏到更好的风景,可是也
  • 在轮渡上始终穿上救生衣。亚洲各地的法规现在越来越严格,通常所有谨慎的运营商都坚持所有
  • 请注意,某些目的地码头会向旅客收取特殊的“码头费”。通常,此费用不包含在船票中,应在