暹粒到西哈努克 Virakbuntham

暹粒到西哈努克 Virakbuntham


暹粒和西哈努克 Virakbuntham之间的运输类型 从暹粒到西哈努克 Virakbuntham的交通

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公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2020年3月23日
Voor grote, lees dikke, toeristen is er wel weinig plaats maar onze verwachtingen waren niet zo hoog.
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2020年3月10日
it was ok, we left on time but arrived over one hour late, not a big deal. bus was comfortable
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2020年2月11日
Pretty standard night bus. As a single traveller, I was in the single bed (wasn't keen on sharing the double with a random). Left on time, arrived 1h late. The toilet is gross, especially as you can't wear footwear - try and avoid it. i took a sleeping bag liner which was a life saver as it was freezing and my AC fan was broken so on high for the entire journey. They tried to sell us ferry tickets on arrival and basically locked us on the bus whilst a girl went up the bus selling tickets - don't be afraid to knock on the door and demand they let you out ;-) Final point, the driver actually hit a woman on a vespa at the end of our journey (hence the 1h delay), luckily it was outside a police station and she was ok but the driver tried to cover it up and not stop. My main concern (after a bad experience in Vietnam) was having fresh fish transported on top of our rucksacks/things stolen from the bag hold but our bags were all OK!
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2020年2月9日
Super comfortable
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2020年2月7日
Comfortable beds, we arrived a bit late but it didn’t bother us at all
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2020年1月23日
Very kind staff. Only negative note could be the toilet which did not flush, but the rest was great
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2020年1月22日
Clean, on time and safe
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2020年1月12日
Overall not too bad, I managed to get some sleep and being 6.2 I had sufficient room. The only main issue is the toilet and the fact you can't wear footwear on the bus, so you end up standing in God knows what. Best to take toilet roll and anit bacterial wash, other than that it was fine. Also probably best getting a bed near the front away from the toilet because that can be quite noisy.
公共汽车 奢侈, Virak Buntham Express, 2020年1月10日
The bus itself was clean, drinking water is provided. But for us, westerners, the beds were a bit small(there are around 1,6m long), so we couldn’t really stretch our legs while sleeping. Also, in the night bus stops a few times, which is ok. But during one stop my partner went to the toilet (as the toilet in the bus wasn’t the cleanest) and when he cane back the bus had left. I was asleep so obviously I didn’t know he wasn’t there. Luckily, the bus wasn’t that far, just 100m away, so he whistled and started running after the bus and the driver stopped. Therefore, i think drivers should pay more attention and count how many people descend and come back to the bus during the stops.
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2020年1月5日
Very comfortable bus and lovely staff. We were delayed quite a bit as the tyre needed changing and the company also uses this bus to transport and deliver goods from place to place (on passengers time and money....) also if you are a solo female be sure to book a single bed or you might end up sharing with a stranger.
公共汽车 奢侈, Virak Buntham Express, 2020年1月2日
The toilet was awful.other ist was. Very good.
公共汽车 奢侈, Virak Buntham Express, 2020年1月1日
The aircondition was too much.
公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年12月28日
The way from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville was alright, we arrived even earlier. About sleeping in the bus. There was mattress and pillows, quite smelly, with hair after previous travelers, but the worst thing was there was all around us lots of bugs! And it was really disgusting experience for me. Next time I will rather pay more money and go with the plain.
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2019年12月23日
It was very cold due to the conditions No light in the toilet
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2019年12月16日
Overall, a very safe journey however, the bus arrival was 2hrs later than originally scheduled despite leaving on time. Believe this is more because of the numerous stops taken (almost 1 stop every hr) rather than traffic.
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2019年11月25日
Bequemer als 10 Std im Flugzeug. Wir haben gut geschlafen. Die Klimaanlage war nur relativ kühl eingestellt und die Toilette könnte ruhig gelegentlich auch gereinigt werden. Ansonsten alles super!
公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年11月20日
Comfortable beds that fit 2 people reasonably well. Only downfalls were the lack of bathroom stops that has somewhere for the women to pee, as well as the bus driver having loud conversations and playing music. If that wasnt bas enough the bus never drops you off where it says it is going to, and that leaves you to fend for yourself against the tuk-tuk drivers. If given the opportunity to do it again I would have chosen giant ibis.
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2019年11月4日
Good staff, speaks fluently English, safe driving, enough space to sleep, but very (!!) bad road from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2019年10月6日
Good and professional. I’m so happy they both called and texted the right address so we knew that the bus station moved and they provided free water. Very helpful staff when we came to our destination.
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2019年8月28日
Bathroom was atrocious, would of been better not to have one- was sloughing water out onto the main floor in the morning (mainly due to Sihanoukville’s road conditions I’m sure). Bed was very hard but pillow and blanket smelt fresh and were sufficient to what you need. Well priced for 10 hours and place to stay/ transport. Definitely would recommend just don’t have high expectations for conditions.
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2019年8月19日
It was a smooth ride for the most part, but the toilet door was too noisy. It needs to slide smoothly when it is opened or closed.
公共汽车 奢侈, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年8月18日
Bus was dirty and whole Staff were not nice. They give us very few information and were very uncareful with the luggage
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2019年8月16日
Good WiFi on the bus
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2019年8月11日
Driver was careful throughout the night and our sleep as quiet as it is possible to have in a bus. It was a bit colder at times and the bags we could attach to the aircon were helpful but it wasn't perfect at times. Still, pretty good service!
公共汽车 奢侈, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年8月10日
Bed was very comfortable. Driver played incredibly loud music all night which made it very difficult to sleep (even with earplugs). Also, throughout the night the lights would randomly turn on. Originally we were told that we would arrive at 11am however we arrived at 5am with nothing open and no one to explain where to catch our 2pm Ferry to Koh Rong. This bus had great potential to be a pleasant experience, however this time around, it was a disappointment.
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2019年8月5日
I arrived 3 min late for my trip. I booked my bus ride online 2 weeks prior and selected my bed alongside my other two fellow travelers. When we arrived, the bus conductor let me and my friends in. At first, he told me I had to go in the front of the bus, bottom bunk. After I put my things down, he told me to go to the back of the bus because the bunk he told me to go to was for the bus driver. I found out at that moment that my preselected bunk was taken by someone else that had arrived early. I’m not sure if it was because I arrived late that my bunk was so easily given away..I ended up bunking with a complete stranger, away from my friends. Thankfully, I made friends with my new bunkmate (We were both females). It could have turned out entirely differently, in a negative way, but thankfully it didn’t. The back of the bus was hot, and the bus curves, so if you’re tall, you can’t really sit up. Good thing I’m short (5’2) so I could sit up at a comfortable position. At least the bus conductor was willing to help out if I had pursued my seat or had any issues. On the plus side, I was given a free water bottle, a pillow, and a blanket. I felt like I was beat up when I woke up (probably because I was tense, sleeping next to a stranger and all). Mattress wasn’t too hard. I was next to the bathroom. There’s no light other than in the bathroom. I could see people’s reflection inside the bathroom from my side of the bus because of the glass window. Not that I wanted to see, it was just in my face. It didn’t bother me, being next to the restroom, because I took a Benadryl and fell asleep easily enough whenever I was woken up. I’m a heavy sleeper, so I didn’t wake up too often. I can see this being an issue for light sleepers, though. Overall, not a bad trip. Felt well-rested after.
公共汽车 起亚大鸟(Kia Grandbird), Giant Ibis Transport (Giant ibis Transport), 2019年8月1日
You surprised me in a very positive way. I did not know the lay-out of your nightbusses, but the concept is very comfortable and I slept well. The introduction / reception of your host on the bus was nice and to the point. A big compliment for the drivers, they drove us safe to our destination.
公共汽车 酒店大巴, Virak Buntham Express, 2019年7月16日
The driver and the other employee were basically yelling the entire trip, if they weren’t yelling he would be blasting on the horn or playing music. Being an overnight bus, this was very disruptive and made it really difficult to sleep. The beds are also very tiny. I’m only 175cm and could almost lay out completely straight, but not comfortably.
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